Friday, April 20, 2012

today we graduated!

today (friday) we graduated!

such a crazy, wonderful, awesome day!

so much to come later!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012



I AM SO HAPPY(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)!

although this picture is from our christmas photoshoot, it shows excitement, and i do so believe we are 2 excited people.

yeah, it feels pretty good.

casey has 1 more test wednesday night at 5.

and then we graduate.

we GRADUATE people.
this is an exciting week. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

provo utah bucket list: go to 1 game of every BYU sports

another bucket list item, yayyyyyyyyyy
we have SIX more to accomplish after this!
i don't know if we'll get them all done but it sure has been fun!

so although we didn't quite make it to one game of EVERY sports game at BYU,
we did enough, i think, to cross it off our list.

BYU football
and lastly, BYU volleyball
after casey's LAST organic chemistry final on saturday we ran over to the volleyball game at the smith field house.

wow, was that place packed with energy.
seriously, the crowd went wild over everything, it was so fun!
and you could tell the players had TONS of fun playing and worked as such a great team together.
supporting each other when they were awesome or not so awesome.
they beat penn state 3-0.

i wish we had gone to more volleyball games, it was seriously a blast.

granted, there were about3 other little sports games we didn't get to go to (tennis, gymnastics, track, we'd gone to a soccer and rugby one before), but these were our top ones we wanted to go to, so, i'd say we're good :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Casey Post #15 Finals Week/ Graduation

Heighty Hoe Winslows!!! Classes are done! Finals begin Saturday at 7 am where I will try to figure some way to learn what Epidemiology really is. I will have to find time to take 5 finals in 4 days, and it is really difficult with having scheduled finals because I cant just knock out the easy ones first, but we will make do, I don't know where I am going to find all the time to study, but it will meander in there somehow. Pray that I pass my O-chem lab final though because that is going to be a beast! Lots of memorizing and learning how to rank Hydrogens ya who wants to really know about that crap. Just let us go to Dental school already hah! In other news we found out yesterday that somehow we got into the family housing in Nebraska so we will be paying cheaper rent than we paid here in Provo. We are kinda excited about that minus the fact that the Kitchen is kinda small, no pets, etc... Life will be good around next Thursday time than we can celebrate some fun with family and Graduation! Love you all and Peace out until then!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

semi-secret BYU tips

in honor of the ending of classes here at BYU,
i present to you
Kimber's semi-secret BYU tips.

1. Don't rob Peter to pay Paul. if you are behind in a class, don't skip another class to catch up with it. stupidest idea ever. you'll never catch back up with anything.

2. so there's this place in the eyring science center that's the food sensory lab or something. pretty much you get PAID to taste test food for them. how does that not rock? It's on the south side of the 2nd floor.

3. Religion classes are often the highlight of classes taken at BYU. classes you can absolutely not experience anywhere else in the world. here are some great teachers. 

a. Todd Parker- Book of Mormon. Man you will learn SOOOOOOO much in this class, you'll study so much for it too. your book of mormon will have the most wonderful notes, quotes, stories, connections ever. the book of mormon comes a live in this class and all the stories connect. i loved this class (i took both the 1st half and 2nd half from him) so very much. don't be intimidated by what rate my professor says about the workload.
b. Susan Black- Church History. wow this woman is an amazing teacher and knows so much. church history came alive and you learn SOOO many more details about the beginning history of the church than you ever did before. way awesome.
c. Randy Bott- a classic. take DC or mission prep from him, essentially the same class and he rocks at teaching and inspiring you. it's how you wish all classes in college could be: you can enjoy class, not have to stress over tests, but still learn TONS.
d. Mary Jane Woodger- Living Prophets. wow this woman knows a lot about the prophets and apostles. it's as if you become close friends with these amazing men. reading the bios and talks were so wonderful all semester long.

4. take classes with friends when at all possible. it's easier to study together, get notes from each other, ask questions, have a motivation to go to class. it's just better. especially try to take GE's and religion classes with friends, nearly everyone has to take those so you might as well do it together.

5. if you have to take economics, sacrifice the gas and go up to SLC, it is well worth the drive

6. live close to campus and get a bike. parking is ridiculous and there's so much great, affordable housing so close. biking is the best too, cuts your 15 minute walk in half or less.

7. take at least 1 fun class each semester. seriously, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of all the awesome classes there are on campus. i of course took lots of dance classes but also bowling, sewing, pilates, sports, ice skating, cooking, scuba diving, outdoor hiking/camping/water classes. the list of awesome classes is seriously endlesss and seriously rocks.

8. use rate my professor and TRY YOUR HARDEST to get the good teacher, well worth your effort.

9. find upperclassmen who will sign up for special classes that fill up fast for you. it's all about who you know.

10. get a job sophmore year. freshman year is a whole different animal, don't do the whole job thing, just enjoy it. and try to find a job where you can at least do some homework while working. it makes all the difference.

11. stay away from 8 am classes at all costs. even 9 am is loads better than 8 am.

12. whatever you're wanting to do with your life, take human development SFL 210 from Larry Nelson. a life changing class that is applicable 100% to your life. stellar teacher too.

13. check out this blog. when there's free food to be eaten at BYU you can find out where/when it's going on on the blog!

14. bread sticks are a dollar at little caesar's pizza with your student ID. they pretty much can act as a meal in and of its self.

15. spend at least 1 spring/summer here in provo. sadly we really didn't get to and that's one of the things i regret most about my experience here at the Y. i did spend a summer at aspen grove which helped me experience a little of the awesomeness of provo summers but not enough. all i hear are fabulous things about spring/summer here, so DO IT.

there's bound to be more things i think of later but that's that for now.

yay for classes being done!

now onto finals...mmeh

a little bit more of lately.

get togethers.
in the last 2 weeks i've had FOUR get togethers with some awesome friends!
1) freshman girls get together.
i love my freshman year, and i still love those girls very much!
it was so wonderful to catch up!
2) ward baby shower for stephanie and brooke, in our ward,
we have such a great group of ward girls, i just love it.
are pictures of the food good enough?
3) a bridal shower for my dear friend brooke! 
such a cute girl and so happy she's getting married soon!
(1st picture below)
4) aspen grove girls get together.
mainly the cooks and andy, actually.
one of the best summers of my life and so wonderful to catch up on life with these girls!
mrs. lindsay even has a baby due in august!
(2nd picture below)

- on sunday, casey made the most amazing egg sandwich.
layers of eggs, sausage and bacon on a bagel.
hello yumminess.

-here's the pics of seeing new baby britton at the hospital.
new babies are just so fun to see.
we have been so lucky to see many of these nieces and nephews just hours after being born.

-pretty spring pictures.

-funny draw something pictures.
the first is ferry...

-conference weekend:
a. yummy breakfast
b. watching conference
c. RS get together during priesthood session
d. yummy bread.

and seeing that this post will be posted on wednesday, april 11,
you know what that means?

1 week of finals until we can be officially done, yay(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

provo utah bucket list: museum of peoples and cultures.

we went (all 100 ft away from our house).
we conquered (all 1 room of museumness it had to offer).

ha kinda a bust bucket list item but we still had fun making a trip out of it.

it's a free little museum from BYU.
the only room they had open at the time was about south american people and their culture of clothing.
fun to walk through.
we could see the room they were working on and it had something to do with cool masks.
so it's fun little museum you just gotta try, i say, while you're in here in provo!

Monday, April 9, 2012

easter weekend

wasn't easter fabulous?
we had such a great time this weekend celebrating the resurrection of our savior!
firstly, have you seen this video?
i think it's just beautiful!

so for saturday, we headed up to logan to participate in the annual cutler easter on the hill.
though it was not on the hill, yet again, sadly enough,
we still got to be with the whole cutler family and it was so fantastic.

we gathered and ate yummy yummy food.
roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.
sang songs (we knew, and made up) to the talented guitar playing by miss kaela cutler.
played human rock paper scissors.
searched for easter eggs.
watched the adults search for the golden egg.
shot easter eggs with bb-guns.
played boche ball.
listened to spencer's story of how he was unlawfully arrested. so funny.
learned how to throw a football for reals.
and oohed and awed over the 3 new babies added to the family since last easter!

and then on easter day (gorgeous weather!), we went over to my brother's house, weston and amanda,
and visited with everyone over there!
and got to hold the baby, britton, again!
that baby is very sweet, so content.
we had a lot of fun with everyone and were so happy to be with family.

happy easter to everyone.
i'm so very grateful for our Savior, Jesus Christ.
i know that He lives again and we can too someday.
it is only through Him that we can live forever.
and it is through Him that we can be happy with our families for forever!

Friday, April 6, 2012

14 things that have been occupying my time lately.

i've truly had a most wonderful week.
i don't have energy left, but it's been wonderful.
here's the rundown.

  1. conference, wasn't it wonderful. we sure loved it our our house. got to have lunch with casey's extenended family as usual between sunday sessions. such a great group. they were planning the family reunion and i was so sad hearing all the fun details since we can't be there for it this summer. i'm determined to go next time it's going on.
  2. the weather has been most fabulous. i'm dying every time i go out. i want to fling my arms out, and start yelling, i love this weather! i love the sun! i love spring! how do i stand you, winter, every year?!?!
  3. the tulips are blooming, the cherry and pear trees are have blossomed and i can't get enough of it. how is it that fall and spring are the most beautiful seasons and last the least amount of time? but truly, i love all these pretty flowers everywhere.
  4. i went to school at 8 am on tuesdsay and returned to my home 2:15 the following day. it was a constant go go go.
  5. amanda and weston had their baby! so happy for them! we squeezed in an hour trip to the hospital on tuesday and got to hold him at just hours old. so precious! mr britton douglas woodruff.  so thrilled for all of them.
  6. baked a bajillion cupcakes this week.
  7. helped put on a baby shower for two girls in the ward this week. so fun being with all the ward girls. one of them actually had her baby the previous saturday, so she couldn't make it but we got to go visit that cute small girl!
  8. also got have a birdal shower for one of my dear, dear friends, miss brooke, at my little glorified attic this week. so fun. i love that girl so much and am so happy for her. it's just a blast to get together with other girls in general, if you know them well or not, girls are just fun.
  9. got our graduation announcements ready(!!!!!!!!!!!).
  10. so done with school by the way. not that i'm counting down or anything, but i only have 3 days of classes left(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
  11. finished my fourth, and final, project for sewing class. i'll share my projects soon!
  12. took some photos of friends this week for graduation portfolios and maternity pictures.
  13. felt like i re-cleaned my house about a bajiliion times this week
  14. have been playing draw something so much on my phone and love it. do you play? you should play against me :) i laugh lots.
pictures to come another day when i have caught up on my sleep :)


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Casey Post #14: Almost done and Easter!

So I don't remember that last time I posted twice in a row, but I am totally almost done with my weekly posts since school is almost over and I will not be required to post every week; however, it has been such a great experience. So I am supposed to write something about how I helped someone that was more stressed than me this week, and I can say Kimber was definitely more stressed. She threw a baby shower, bridal shower, a friend get together, went to Logan to help me do taxes, and saw family for easter. What a busy, stressed girl, so I decided I would do a ton of dishes to help her, and basically clean the whole house since I had some spare time. I actually liked cleaning it for some reason, probably because she was super happy when she came home.

 I can't wait to be out of my Undergrad! I can't really say school because I'm gonna be there for 4 more years so it really doesn't make sense, but grad school will be so much more applicable and enjoyable I think. So I am excited Kimber and I will go to the annual Easter on the Hill with my side of the family except we haven't gone on the hill for a long time so we are actually going up this year and I am excited. We will do our taxes than go up to the hill on Saturday and than come back for some Best of DIVINE COMEDY! This show is so funny! It is like the best BYU/Mormon humor that kinda makes fun of ourselves. Also, today I totally rocked in my presentation for the same class I do this blog for and now we really only have one more project and a final. SO HAPPY! School is almost out and the Sun is definitely here. Peace

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Casey Post #13: April Fools

So for some reason Kimber thinks it is so funny to spray me in the face with water when I am trying to wash a dish for her. Ok, so this morning I was kinda going on a little less sleep than normal and I of course didn't remember it was April 1st. I was so kind and was making good ole Kimber some German Pancakes and when I needed some water to do the dishes as well yet again I got sprayed in the face. You can see last year's post here. Ya so I think it was more in the afternoon time last year and I think I had just changed my clothes and this dear wife of mine decides to just get me all soaked. I was not a very happy camper. I thought April Fools stuff was supposed to be happy for each other kinda jokingly, but not violent haha. I don't find it very funny to get washed out with water, I was much kinder and understanding this year, but I still don't find it very amusing. Anyways I thought I would share my little rants that Kimber should try doing something a little nicer next April Fools what do you all think? Thank you I love you and Good bye!