Saturday, April 24, 2010

happy belated april 22!

snowman time (with a real carrot nose!)
went to lunch with karlee at her elementary school
casey was a little bit bigger compared to the rest :)
karlee is on the left
 went cosmic bowling with the cutlers!
so cooooooool

today (23) is a beautiful day!
sunny, and warm unlike yesterday!

Friday, April 23, 2010

what in the world?!

is this for real!
of course it's for real, it's WY!
we woke up to a spring wonderland this morning which was quite confusing!
oh wyoming :)
casey and i are completely unprepared for this weather,
we pretty much only have shorts and t-shirts in our baggage, not ideal for snow

also last night we got to skype with the cutlers in indiana!
i know, horrible picture
cody and camille on the left
brad, casey, karlee, me, nan on the little screen 
it was much much fun :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

good news minute!!!!

a big welcome to #3 of our nieces!
little miss phoebe entered our world this morning
we were all so happy!!!!
can't wait to see her on sunday!
the picture above is the first i saw of the day and a pretty soon after the birth pic from what i heard!
i think blair looks great and little phoebe has such a cute nose!

congrats blair!!!!

back in good ol' Y.oming

chicago=the windy city
green river wyoming=the windy city!
we're so happy to officially be done with school and byu and provo for the summer
we got to go to miss tayliann's soccer game today!
tayli scored the game winning  point which made us all thrilled!
 casey broke the chair he was sitting in,
it was pretty funny.
casey, karlee, and i were huddling together under a small blanket bc it was freezing and windy!
  derek was huddled behind an umbrella the whole time trying to stay warm
it was just a grand ol time.

we've been looking for funny "only in wyoming stuff" while we've been here
thus far it's been:
a sign that said this water is not drinkable
a sign with a picture of a man shooting a gun with an X over it at a park
a ghetto big truck, covered in mud with camoflauge windows and 2 scraggly men with beards sitting in it (one in the back part of the cab)
a newspaper article antitled bucks showing their natural curiosity by standing on the side of the road this season 
um yes, this is WY thus far :)

we like it 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

except casey has 1 left tonight!

not even close to being done.

not good for packing and moving boxes up and down stairs.

eating up all our food,
not doing too good on that one.

soon we'll see both WY and AZ!

the end

Monday, April 19, 2010

trash bag fun

roll of black trash bags
a large roll of black trash bags that has rolled all the way down the stairs

the dumb trash bags

casey had lots of fun rolling them up :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

coming to the end


right now we (i) are in the middle of:
packing up the apartment.
packing for the summer which means having to pack away most my clothes and having to rally decide exactly what i need and am going to wear during the summer...tear.
trying to get rid of clothes i tell myself i wear but that i really don't.
trying to eat up our pantry.
trying to talk my sister in law to not having her baby before i get to az.
cleaning the house to sparkling clean.
and my wonderful friend pandora is with me all the way making sure good music is playing

all this and the weather outside is heavenly.

i remember freshman year i pretty much packed up all my stuff and cleaned the night before i left to az.
granted i only got 2 hours of sleep that night
funny how when you get married your stuff more than quadruples
i can't imagine how much more stuff i'll have when there's kiddos around!

there's tickets from phoenix to hawaii for $118 dollars each way with hawaiin air
yes miss jenny i'm thinking of you and your offer!
which totaly 256 after taxes.
my heart aches to buy those tickets and spontaneously go to hawaii between the break of school and work
there's more things that are important in life right now 
but that doesn't mean hawaii is out of question for the year :) 

my back hurts

i'm making cupcakes at the moment
to help eat up our pantry
too bad they won't be as yummy as the cupcake cafe
which a lovely miss dyer now works at! so excited and jealous of her! i plan on visitng on monday to celebrate the summer, any AGers are welcome!

i'm just so happy to have reached finals!
classes are nearly done!
summer is nearly here!
just a few more days!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

the cocoa bean: cupcake cafe

i am most definitely a cookie girl.
i love cookies and prefer them over just about anything.
chocolate chip are by far my favorite ever.
so simple and so yummy!

but, back at the end of march i found a coupon for the new cupcake cafe by campus
we didn't end up getting to use the coupon
so casey and i went to this little place on that wonderful friday day
it was cute.
and fun.
and super yummy.
casey very excited to eat it
kimber very excited to eat it
it was big and yummy like stated before :)

so when my mom cam into town we just had to go again :)

the "whatever you like" and" s'mores" are both very yummy :)
the cocoa bean: cupcake cafe is a new favorite

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

mi familia!

as you might realize my amazing, wonderful mother is here visiting!
i'm so happy :)
it's funny how much i see myself in her all the time now!
i stole my mom's camera the other day and found a bunch of adorable ones i wanted to share,
i love love love my family :)
wish i got to see everyone more often!!!

annalee and kirk having a tea party!
apparently annalee ate the chocolate as soon as she found the egg :)
so cute!
 my beautiful cousins danielle and april with kirky
colleen with my mom and annalee
scott playing with some jumping stilts! so cool

the family went for a lovely walk together on sunday! :)
we pretty much oogled over abby the whole time
casey it kinda heavy to carry...but i did try! ha!
more playing with abby!
 abby's cute little easter dress!
look at those eyes! love em!

and my mom finally  updated her balloon blog with a bunch of amazing pics! go check it out!

Monday, April 12, 2010

ballroom in concert

my team in our Paso Doble costumes (I'm on the bottom 2nd from the right)
 my two good friends on one of the other ballroom teams
Kara Hill on left, Andy Seibert on right :)
i don't have my lipstick on and they do :(
my friend Koryl and myself doing the super cool Paso pose...
except for the fact that i"m doing the guy part haha
 whitney and myslef!
she was my amazing latin coach for the semester
she's such a great dancer! i love watching her,
i'll continue striving to be like her one day!
we look like giants in this
 my team in our finale costumes
i'm bottom right
 i was so so so so happy to have some fans out there for one of the performances!
i was lucky to have my mom in town to watch!
and of course my most faithful fan came too :) thanks love!

concert was so great this year!
it was the 50th year of the ballroom dance company so they had a bunch of the alumni tour team members come back and dance! haha, it was great
i think my team didn't do too shabby for itself for a beginning team (hopefully!)
paso isn't my absolute forte but it was so fun doing it still
and the tour team did amazing!
i would so love to be able to perform in those amazing numbers one day!
...if only...if only :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

No, Dwight did not make this list

Fact: J. Crew came out with their fall collection last week...what the heck! I'm still wearing lots of pants,jackets, gloves, and earmuffs to school in the mornings! I haven't even gotten to come across spring and summer in my world! Yet, they want to show me all the fall clothes? No no, I do not support this

Fact: You can get 15% off your purchase at J. Crew with your BYU I.D. How cool is that?! I just found that out yesterday not like I'll actually use this offer. j crew=super cute yet too expensive at this stage in life

Fact:  I love love love this site. Her attention to detail on all her cakes, cookies, and cupcakes is amazing!

Fact: I also love this site. Her quilts aren't the same ol' same ol' triangles, matching, symmetrical designs; way more cute and fun. One day I too will kind of maybe quilt once every blue moon and make cool quilts like her.

Fact: It snowed again last night. Oh yeah, then it melted.

Fact: The BYU Ballroom Dance Company's concert is this weekend! Come it will be amazing! It's the 50th anniversary! And you'll get to see me dance, but even better you'll get to see the tour team be amazing!

Fact: I had my first final today. One down, 6 to go!

Fact: My mom is coming in town tomorrow! Yay!

Fact: I am still madly in love with my wonderful husband, Casey :)

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


this is so incredible

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

indecisive weather

it snows,
it melts,
it snows,
it melts,
it rains and freezes,
oh yeah,
then it melts and goes back to
snowing, melting, snowing, melting for a bunch more weeks.

wake up utah weather!
it's spring!
stop doing that to us!
i want the tulips to be in full bloom before we leave!
poor little tulips won't make it very far if you keep doing that!

Monday, April 5, 2010

freshly vacuumed

don't you just love freshly vacuumed carpets?
it's probably onenof my favorite things in life!
and no, not just bc i'm newly married.
ever since i was about 13 i've loved the carpet lines a vacuum makes

my parent's house and vacuum does it beautifully
that only increased my obsession and affection for those lines :)

but this new little house apartment of mine does pretty well i'd have to say
you've probably seen from pics we have dark green carpet (which isn't bad, it actually is pretty soft!)
but it shows every little itty bitty piece of anything that's not carpet!
so we vacuum often :)
but that's ok bc then we get to have pretty vacuum lines

ps-our vacuum has a retractable chord!
best. invention. ever.

 pps- not looking forward to ever living in a bigger place.
even our tiny one gets messy i can't imagine something w more than 4 rooms to take care of constantly!
and with more than just 2 people making a mess!!!
ahhhh! haha
and it's so easy to just have to vacuum 2 rooms!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy easter!

(look at the straight ones on this one!)

i actually loved having general conference on easter weekend this year!
the talks were so uplifting and so directed to increase the memeber's testimonies of christ and love
it's one of those wonderful weekends i look forward to to be at home with my sweetie and listen to the words of the bretheren.
they're so inspiring and so amazing!
i know they are men called and led by God
here's a beautiful video for easter!

we had a very yummy breakfast together on saturday morning! (finally got to sleep in past 5:30 am this week!)
puffed pancakes with bananas and strawberries on top!
watched the 1st session,
dyed easter eggs
watched the 2nd session
cleaned the house
casey went to priesthood and dinner with my brothers
i got to play with cute little abby

and then for sunday we woke up at 9:50 for conference and had cereal :) 
so nice to sleep in!
watched the 4th session
went to an extended cousin lunch on casey's side in SLC and ate a lot
drove home and listened/watched to the last session of conference
such a good weekend to be together and have a wonderful time with one another!

we're headed over to my brother's house to have another yummy easter dinner with them now!
hope you're all having a wonderful easter day too!

ps-i'm so badly missing easter pageant! wish i could even have the chance to watch it!