Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wyoming rodeo

Whew! We made it to a Wyoming rodeo and it was so much dang fun! I am oh so glad we went! It was a little tricky getting a baby-sitter since we decided last minute we were for sure going and I for sure didn't want to bring the babies. My wonderful mother in law who is also the YW Pres has wonderful connections to lots of girls in the ward (shocking, I know, right?) and one finally said yes at the last minute, wahoo! Of course Bryson acted all awful and screamed when I put him down to go to sleep like he KNEW something was happening! ugh, had to feed that kid an extra 4 oz of formula than normal, so strange, naughty child. But we had a great time with the family. It was Karlee and Maxson's first rodeo! Both were in awe and I was yet again shocked at how savage and wild rodeos are. Seriously, I think it's akin to that of the Rome Colloseum. I am always so impressed by the patriotism by the blue collared folk in this country. Being at a rodeo just felt so American, I was so proud of our country and where we came from, for the men and women serving or have served, and for the great security and freedoms in this country. Although rodeos attract quite a different crowd than I am used to, they are great people with great common beliefs of respect, honor, and tradition.

 This is the first time I've attended a small rodeo and it was fun to see the animals and riders all getting ready in the back, you could see it all, pretty neat.

 Why do I love funnel cake? Oil and pancake batter, I know. But special occasion, right?
 Casey always gets the cheese pretzels, except this is no special occasion for Csey, ha.

 They let all the kids out at one point and let them chase little calves around the arena area to snatch off red ribbons. It was so hilarious watching the kids run after these kettle cows that were so much faster than them. Max and Casey were out there too and Ma was just aimlessly running after everyone else and Casey trying to not lose him, so funny.
 At one point they brought out a huge 6 horse team pulling a big huge wagon full of people to throw out shirts to the audience. Unexpectedly a wheel broke off during its run and the whole carriage fell over with all the people, it was pretty crazy! You can see the video of it here. They took a very long time attending all the people who fell out to take care of any injuries,
 Loved watching the bull riding (not shown here) and the bare back riding, seriously so crazy and hilarious.
 Referred to this paper a ton!
 So glad we got to go!

And in unrelated thoughts, my great father in law in the pictures above told me you can listen and download a bunch of awesome church songs from EFY, mutual themes, and such here. Such great songs!!!!!

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Cherri said...

The first time I went to a rodeo I was WOWED! The small ones are almost better than the big ones. Crazy Fun!