Tuesday, August 11, 2015

919 pictures later

We are back! Well not back back, just back from a legit busy vacation at the beach! We're now in Arizona visiting family for the last stop of our summer vacation!

I just downloaded the pictures from my camera onto my computer from the past 2 weeks of being in Wyoming and our trip to California, 919 PHOTOS. I seriously got a pit in my stomach knowing I have to go through all of those. Don't get me wrong, I love the pictures and am glad I took them, I just don't have as much time as I once did! I will prevail! I will get through! Ooy!

Things I've learned from the past few weeks.

-Bryson tends to be the more frustrated of the 2 when just sitting and playing, he wants YOU and he wants to be held and he wants to be standing. Stroller and carseat are great options too.

-Quinn is more likely to play and be content crawling and finding new things. When it comes to the stroller and carseat, he's done as soon as he gets in them.

-Max is so busy. I haven't learned this recently of course it's just been a fact of the past few weeks.

-Casey sure loves his vacation treats. Soda, ice cream, beef jerky, and beyond.

-And myself, I sure do love life with my husband around. Man I love being around that guy 24/7

Until I get through all the photos, here's a nice family one for ya. Oh man how I love this family of mine!


Cody and Camille said...

This photo is the cutest! 919 memories your fam will cherish for.ev.er! Sure love you guys!

Suzanne Anderson said...

Oh you totally got me at first, I thought, yay! they are back before I thought they'd be! But I totally do that too, when I talk about Utah it is "home". hope you guys enjoy the rest of your vacay!

Cherri said...

Ahh but they have to change the mind set to AZ being home..... loved the Sand, Sun and Seaside with you!

Alissa said...

Super cute photo. Come home!!! Good luck with 919 photos!! Holy cow.