Wednesday, July 15, 2015

granny comes to town part 1

Seriously having my mom in town was the best thing ever. It literally felt like a vacation to me. I didn't wash a single bottle for a week and a half. I slept in almost everyday. My kids were still on their normal routines and sleeping arrangements. I barely did any dishes ( I did do a lot of cooking but I like the cooking aspect, and she doesn't mind the cleaning up aspect so we worked well together) I was able to go to the store and other fun activities with Max and friends pretty much whenever I wanted. She truly is an angel and I feel so lucky she'd come help and literally serve us for over a week. That woman never stopped working, I swear. All those things around my house like cleaning and organizing and repairing and fixing wise that in my mind I'd say I'd get to them sometime, she did them all. She's absolutely amazing. AND I had an extra set of hands to help with the kids, golden. Thank you, mom. You are the best woman ever.

Straight from the airport we headed to COSTCO! Oh how I love thee Costco, I so badly wish I lived closer to one (tear emoji). The babies became ravenous half way through Costco and we had to stop for a snack break. Love these little spoons to add to the squeeze pouches. Whenever Maxw ould get samples the babies would try to grab at it, he quickly learned to hold his food high above his head, it was super cute. 
And a few people have asked how I get 3 to sit in one cart: Max gets the middle two leg holes, the babies outside foot each gets one and their inside foot closest to Max is bent up on the bench. Works like a charm. Still crazy to me I have 3 small children.

One day we took my mom over to a dairy farm nearby for a tour. Last year we went to their actual Prairyland Dairy Days, this year they so very sadly cancelled the event. I was super bummed to hear that because it is so much fun. We took a tour with a local little moms grip my friend invited me to. Max was Max, running everywhere and not that interested in what was going down. At the end I wondered if it was even worth going. I know it was, but it's still a lot of work.
5 day old baby cow.

My friend's little girl was the flipping BOMB and put an iron clasping fist on Maxson's hand at one point so he wouldn't run away. She was the best.
Inside the milking area.

Went on a walk to East Campus where Max rode his bike around everywhere like a champ. He a rockstar on that thing. I am a full supporter of Strider bikes, if you've contemplated them FOR SURE get them over a regular bike with training wheels!
Insisted he wear his backpack so then he looked all old a mature like he was legitimately going to school.

The hydrangeas on campus are beautiful!

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Jessie and Austin said...

The backpack and helmet bike combo is too much! So cute!