Friday, July 24, 2015

Pioneer Day!

Happy Pioneer Day! Today we celebrate the anniversary of the early members of our church entering the Salt Lake Valley for the first time. What a joyous day it is. So much those Saints sacrificed to walk in handcarts all the way across the country after being pushed out from various states. All they went through I can just NEVER imagine. Especially these days as a young mother I'm constantly thinking "I could never be a pioneer. How did they do this or that. Those poor babies bums when they had rashes. The amount of hard work it took for meal prep constantly. Their lack of medicine with sick children." And my thoughts just go on, I admire those families so much.

Today we celebrate the heritage of our families. Their faithfulness and obedience to find a land to raise their families in the church without being persecuted. Establishing a new city, a new everything. Oh how I love the pioneers!

You can see my post here when we visited Nauvoo and here when we visited Kirkland and Palmayra, both huge church history sites in the heritage of our church!

Come, Come, Ye Saints - Mormon Tabernacle ChoirLDS Videos
Posted by LDS Videos on Tuesday, July 23, 2013
(I don't think this video is embedding, but you can click on the first link to take you to the video on Facebook. It's clips of Legacy with a beautiful song by the Mormon Tabernackle Choir)

Tonight we just might be having green jello and funeral potatoes in honor of our "Mormon holiday"

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