Monday, July 13, 2015

What summer looked like in Nebraska

Eating lots of dinner outside (before all the bugs came out, boo). Max took this great picture of us.
Corn is definitely a fan favorite.
Rainbow carrots and steak (cook corn in the crockpot my friends, best corn eeeeeeeeeeever)
Feeding the ducks, geese, and swans at the cemetery pond. Those geese are feisty!
Memorial Day BBQ. The men participated in multiple intense games of corn hole.

The children were wonderful and hung out by the dads a majority of the time.

The wives ended up gathered in a circle which is always the best.

Cars watching with friends.
Taking a walk past dad's school.
Outdoor painting with flour, water, and food coloring.

Violet joined us!
Parking garage for his cars. The excitement over it was quickly overruled by the excitement of a marker out.
Twinkle light box. Ya, boys aren't really into that kind of fun...

Lots of time in our little kiddie pool.
Donut Day!!!!!!!!! Our favorite June holiday!

When we/I go running with the jogging stroller, we let Max get out when we get to the walking trail and he literally runs with me on my jog, sure he stops for flowers, squirrels, and birds at times but I'm amazed at this boy's energy and how he can keep up with me.
Working out at the park with our 20 lb weights. Conveneitnly for us, there's a baby for each of us to workout with! They think it's hilarious.
Best swing ever.
More pool time.
a. Sunburned children, happy baby
Bryson loves  the water.
As wild and physical as Max gets with others he's surprisingly gentle with the babies most the time.

Our garden is rocking it this year. We've gotten so much rain this year, a record amount for May and June in Nebraska. Our lettuce grew so great this year, it was so fun to constantly go out and cut it. I only wish I had a bigger area to garden! This is our favorite asian lettuce wraps fem 71toes
A new park with friends. Love these other mom friends I've made here in Nebraska, they are such great company and examples. And when they have older children to boss Max around it gets even better for me.
More pool time
We've been to the Children's Museum a surprising amount of times this year. Their new animal/safari room was a favorite to Max recently.

a. We recently when as a whole family to the museum for the first time! A great accomplishment for us. Usually one of us stays home with the babies. 
b. As soon as we get there Maxson without fail always runs to the firetruck. He loves that thing.
Walking with my crew. I still love my stroller oodles and caboodles.
Our first time making it to the bridge on the walking trail! We sang songs like Dora talking about how we were going over the bridge etc. He ate it up and kept singing all the Dora songs.
a. As I napped while the babies napped one morning, Max watched a show. When I woke up he was pigging out on my beloved Tonight Dough ice cream! That sneaky little boy.
b. More bridge action.
Splash Pad fun! So different than previous years. He ran wild and free and happy through it all. I loved watching him just go without any prodding at all.

Such a brave boy.
b. At the awesome Bundy's house, the older boys showed Max all about baseball and he loved it.
Corn dogs and summertime our partners in crime.
 We randomly got a free ping pong table in our front yard for a few weeks, it was super fun. Seriously. Casey and I would just sneak out there during the day or night when kids were sleeping and we had so much fun. It was a super great bonding table for us.

 Lincoln, Nebraska currently has these huge art lightbulbs displayed throughout the whole city. It's really fun to scout them out and see how they've been designed.
 Cute babies.
 Funny Maxson.
 Love love love this cute family of mine!

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I just had so much fun catching up on your blog!!! So many fun adventures!