Friday, July 17, 2015

A "camping" we go

While Casey was away at his 10 year high school reunion one weekend, my mom was in town and some friends said they were going camping so we joined in on their fun for the evening! Just like the after the dairy farm I questioned myself "Was this worth it? I don't even think this was fun." Ha. Of course it was enjoyable and it's good to have these experiences even if they don't seem enjoyable in the moment, Maxson just requires a lot of parenting and breaks his boundaries all the time , it's just so hard dealing with him in new situations sometimes. This evening in particular he was overly physical with many of the children which involved a lot of frustrated parenting/disciplining on my part. And then add babies who are crying for nursing, then bottles, then real food, then pooping, it all just compounds on each other. BUT it actually was fun now looking back. I'm glad we went. Max probably only remembers the great time he had exploring around the lake and nature area and eating an insane amount of yummy cookies, I 100% doubt he has any recollection of his 3 time outs in the car or being reprimanded for not ok behavior, funny how that happens. We had yummy hot dogs and delicious different kinds of s'mores, great conversations (about the new supreme court ruling that day on gay marriage), and silly child moments. We stayed until the sun was setting and left with a plentiful amount of bug bites. All in all it was a great evening, I'm glad we went. Someday in the very far future we shall actually stay and camp for the evening!

Max chowing down on all the food, watermelon especially was a crowd favorite.

 We brought the pack n play for the babies to play in which was brilliant on my part.
 Bryson on the left.

 What's strange about living in the midwest is that the sun doesn't set until 9:00-9:20. So we're having dinner here at what you think would be middle of the afternoon, it's really like 7 pm, strange.

 These 3 little boys are cute together. We are so lucky to be surrounded by friends with kids the same age as ours in our same year of dental school. FOUR years together, great friends right there.
 Reeses s'mores
a. Dirty and happy
Quinn be like I'm done in here yo

 My mom was the biggest help while there. At one point she took Max for a solid hour or so and let him explore the incredibly brown/dirty "lake" area nearby and just let him go while I sat and focused on babies. He needed that, to go do his own thing and get away from others for a little bit.
We left at dusk.
That's a wrap!

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Cherri said...

I was fun.... we should have taken pics of the mud water they called a lake.... really it was amazing people were out water skiing and boarding in the muck! (when you don't know any better..... Ha)