Tuesday, July 28, 2015

the twinsies: 9 months old

People are probably so annoyed when they're around me and my babies because I say about 15 times in a 10 minute period "I just want to eat you, you're so cute!" while I bite on my lips and refrain from literally wanting to eat them. Gosh darn I really do love love love this baby stage. They're a little mobile and figuring out how to move and they laugh and giggle sooooooooooo much and are squishy and adorable and have figured out the whole sleeping thing, I just love them so much I want to squeeze them and eat them, ugh.

Quinny is my mover. He's got the crawling on hands and knees thing down. He's climbing up on objects to a standing position and walking along them. Just last night he figured out how to sit down after standing along something without falling to get down, his smile was so big when he realized he could do it over and over. He's not patient when it comes to being in the car for long periods of time. Thus far, he's showing us all that he's a lefty! There's no left handed people in either of our families so we've worried with one another if we should force him to eat with his right hand (you can eye roll now all you left handed people). He's my yeller when they're eating and having to heaven forbid WAIT for more food, he's more vocal of the two when impatient.

Bryson has got the fast army crawl down pat. It's adorable to watch him try is hardest to keep up with Quinny. He usually ends up whining quite a bit when he's far behind Quinn and can't reach me as fast but he makes a great effort. He is my clean(er) eater of the two; I'd say he's better at actually getting the food in his mouth and not dropping it in his bib or the floor. He's begun mimicking the head shake of no this week and it's sooooo funny. He has a little smirk on his face like he knows this is funny for mom. I would say he's my slapstick humor kind of guy and is the easier one to make giggle these days, don't confuse that with smiling. Quinn is the more social easy to smile guy but Bryson will laugh and laugh over the littlest things. Bryson also loves mimicking, he does a head shake no back and forth with you as well as the motor boat blubbering noise back and forth with you, it's adorable.

Both boys blubber "mamamamama" when they're desperate and sad and it make my heart sing.

Both boys take 3 naps a day still ranging from 45 min-2 hours though the past week they've gone back and forth between 2 and 3 naps, so I think they're transitioning to 2 naps a day now, YAY! They're doing SO well sleeping totally through the night now that they are out of our room while we stay in Wyoming! Most the time they still wake up between 6 & 7 depending what time we put them down for bed, usually that being between 7-8 while we're here visiting family, they sleep something like 11-12 hours a night.

Both boys eat an insane amount of food. Seriously 4 meals a day of a lot of food, definitely WAY more than Max eats during the day. It's tiring, and they always feed themselves, but it's tiring coming up with a variety of food everyday that's easy for them to eat that isn't insanely repetitive. They eat all normal food without any teeth. I spend so much time in the kitchen making food, feeding people food, and then cleaning up the food.

Speaking of food, if they are extremely enjoying their food for some reason (probably if they're starved or it's legitimately yummy) they are SO loud when eating. Smacking those lips, moaning, and just tons of other sounds, it's so cute.

They seem to be not super interested in their bottles anymore, not totally sure why. It's almost like we have to force them to drink their bottles, it's weird. When it comes to nursing I'd say Bryson likes nursing more and Quinn just wants to get done really fast and keep going. When Bryson is done nursing he'll often lay back and just blow a bunch of air out of his barely opened lips while he smiles, so cute.

They are constantly climbing all over one another, really cute. And both of them are ALWAYS crawling/climbing/crying to me. It's exhausting to be the favorite one at times.

We've had some MAJOR diaper rash battles the past month I'd say. After 2 1/2 weeks their really bad rash went away after a few different methods. After the rashes went away I asked on Facebook for some advice and WOW, the outpouring of advice was so beyond awesome. Mommas know that diaper rashes are no joke and can be frustrating to deal with and sad too looking at their red little tushies. I was so grateful for everyone's advice!!!!!!! We've now kept it at bay for a good 2 weeks from some of the advice given.

Most the pictures we took of them together were like this and blurry and wiggling to get on their tummy and crawl away/off the couch. Ooy, wiggly babies!!!!

{Stats- taken when 8 months and 1 week essentially}

29 inches - 84%ile
21# 2 oz - 87%ile
18 in head - 75%ile

29 inches- 84%ile
20 # 13 oz - 76%ile
17 5/8 in head - 50%ile