Thursday, July 16, 2015

Granny comes to town part 2

With Granny in town it was the perfect reason to have our cousins from an hour and a half away come by and visit. Any excuse to see family!
per usual Maxson's very cooperative picture pose
a. The second baby's reaction to not getting nursed first. They get so offended when they are left on the ground watching the other brother eat, it just makes me laugh so much
b. BQ

Children's museum with the Kelloggs.
Max really got into train making that day.

a. At the zoo (goes a long with the next section of pictures)
So yes, one day while my mo was here she took us to the Lincoln zoo! It is the perfect little zoo for little ones. 

b. Max had NO FEAR when it came to touching the boa constrictor. He immediately went up and tried to touch its face, oh goodness.
The train ride around the zoo was definitely a hi-light of his life. 
a. Camels and my favorite stroller.
b. Monkeys wh performed perfectly.

Made a warm baby pool out of the sled while Max played in the big colder pool. Of course he just ended up in the warm sled one too.
Because my wonderful mother was in town we got to got to the temple together up in Omaha! It had been months and I am SOOOOOO happy we got to go together! We even had enough time to get ice cream before hand, fist bump.

b. How to eat ice cream in the car without getting the car dirty

Winter quarters temple before and after our session. Beauty
On our final day together with my mom we ventured out to the Sunken Gardens in the rain. Again, absolutely beautiful. We love us some plants!

Max was excellent at jumping in the puddles.
Their fish pond is unreal with all the lily pads, fish, and gorgeous varieties of flowers.

The end of Granny's time in Nebraska. Thanks for coming, mom! Muah!

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