Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Little things in June part 2

Bryson's rolling and scooting backwards would get him stuck under the dresser all the time, he'd get so mad but it was so funny to come around the corner and find him like such.
Yay for new garage sale find!
Making baby food for the masses! I layered a bunch of peeled sweet potatoes under these carrots and threw them each into the blender after a few hours. I've done the same with a bunch of other fruits and veggies. Try it
a. Sleeping babies
b. Chowing down on delicious banana bread (recipe from melskitchencafe my #1 go to place to make food!)
As of lately Maxson steals my sandwich making baggies to pile cars in like bags of goldfishes from the carnival. There are probably worse things in life...
When babies wake up at 5:30 am it's just TOO DANG EARLY CHILDREN!
Rave in the bath tub
"noddy"he says. see pen on legs for example.
The new Honest Abe's building! So. much. bigger. so. much. better.
With my mom in town she graciously let us escape on a little lunch date to devour the yummiest burgers around.
My first trip to Walmart since the babies have been born! Over 8 months. It was a huge trip gathering not only food and stocking up on pantry staples but also small household goods. I was there for 2 hours! Granted, I lazily wandered the aisles without children which was I daresay relaxing.
After 2 hours I came out to a most beautiful ombre sunset
Bryson is FINALLY on the move! He's on the right in this picture and started over by the couch/wipes pouch.

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