Monday, July 27, 2015

Park play

Have you realized we're in Wyoming? We are, if you didn't quite know. Casey has a 3 week externship for school that he was able to do in Green River, WY! So we're here hanging out with his family for 3 weeks! It's been mighty nice having so many extra hands to help with kids, babies in a separate room than us, more indoor space to play, and a fenced in backyard! The weather has been really great too, almost never hot (which to me is both good and bad if you get what I mean). Casey has had a really relaxed schedule at the dentist's office, and with less than a 5 minute drive to the office, he's comes home for lunch, hour breaks, patient cancellations, it's been pretty great. The kids have loved all the extra attention, seriously, everyone is so great with our kids and luckily they have no sense of stranger danger, glory. We've been making efforts to get out and about in this town each day, lots of new parks to play at, walking to the high school to run on the track (4 corner workouts from cross country days, holla!), going to the train station to watch the trains, splash pad, and library. We've really been trying to have a good time here and keep ourselves busy. The babies have been AMAZING sleepers here and are officially completely sleeping through the night, YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Max has the time of his life playing outside so much since it's fenced in, and we've all just been pretty happy I'd say.

So onto one of our mornings at the park!

ALSO I am itching to do photography sessions for people these days! I've done a handful of newborn shoots this year but am so eager to do a bunch more sessions this year with end of summer/fall coming up. PLUS a certain wonderful husband of mine upgraded my camera equipment and I am so beyond stoked to use it a bunch! It's so fun for me to get behind the camera and capture cute moments of families, for real, even if that sounds cheesy. SO readers, if you are interested in any type of photo session don't be hesitant to ask me at all, just shoot me an email (kimberwo at gmail dot com). Usually my pricing is $50-$100 depending on details. To make sure you get your absolute favorite pictures, I send you all the pictures I take through dropbox you then pick your favorites for me to edit.

ARIZONA: I will be available the middle 2 weeks of August. Indoor family lifestyle shoots will help us all not melt from the heat (I've been itching to do these but no one jumps on the chance, so if anyone is interested in this it will be largely discounted. Think me following you and your family around for the morning capturing the sweet moments in your everyday life.)

NEBRASKA: I will be back and offering sessions the beginning of September for the rest of fall. Schedule your sessions now!

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