Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Christensen Family Reunion part 1

After finals got over this year we literally RACED down to Utah to join in on this wonderful family reunion! Casey's mother's side is the Christensens, you can see her dad in the far right of the photo with the white hat. What a joy it was to be surrounded by such great people I get to call family!
We made the trek from Lincoln to Green River, WY (on my birthday!). Ugh car driving is not fun with tiny babies who can't be entertained easily, they just want to crawl. Plus this time around we didn't put an empty seat between them for me to sit in since Max can entertain them at times, there was a lot of crying and a lot of stopping.
Nebraska is seriously so hard to drive through with this as your scenery. It's pretty for the first 2 hours, I admit,  but then the next 4 are just LONG.
a. Max covered his ears in the car a few times as he watched his movie, ha poor guy. He didn't get mad at the babies when they began crying just tried blocking them out, sweet kid.
b. We get to stop in Laramie, WY to visit our very favorite friends, the Christophersons! It was such a joy to see them again!!!!! (and I wanted to cry over the largeness of their house, ha, I want a bigger house so bad it hurts!) But seriously, we just love that family to the very bones, so happy to be reunited.
Katie was so sweet to have some cookies, a candle, and singing for my birthday. My one birthday celebration of the day, ha.
Back to the road
We stayed the night in Green River and made the 4+ hour drive down to Ephraim Utah the next day to meet everyone at the reunion that started the night before. This house below was owned by and lived in by Casey's great great grandfather for years and years and since then it has just stayed in the family and been kept in its original form. It's like walking through a time capsule almost with all the original walls and carpeting!
Green carpet and velvet wallpapered walls.
We picked up and left to the "farm". A bunch of land the family owns and went for a tractor ride (which Maxson was thoroughly impressed with).

That man there in the white shirt is why we all come together!
We hold our babies like footballs all the time because it's the easiest way to hold two at a time. I think it's normal. And then I see photos like this and think, maybe I should hold them mrs like babies.

Playing in one of the old barns

A cake was brought out during dinner to celebrate my birthday once more, such kind family to think of me!

What staying in a hotel with lots of small children looks like. 
Our hotel had 2 large rooms to sleep in. We filled our room with all 5 of us who decided to wake up at the crack of dawn. We tried our best to stay secluded in our room as to not wake up the other family. Ooy. Staying in a hotel is voluntarily paying for a crappy night's sleep, ha.
Our hotel was also near this memorable Maverick! From instagram:

Last night we happened to stay at a hotel in Orem right next door to this memorable gas station. Leaving for Christmas break from BYU in 2008 with some friends to the airport on a snowy early morning we got a flat tire and pulled over at this gas station. Each of us girls called family members in the area to help us and no one answered because it was so early in the morning. I had a wild idea to call up the cute boy I broke up with a month previous. He came to our rescue without a moments hesitation. If I had only known then that he'd be my future husband, ha! And if he had only known then that that would be his first request out of a long list of extravagant honey-do's

Part 2 tomorrow! Lagoon and the family fun run!

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