Sunday, July 5, 2015

the twinsies: 8 months

And another big milestone, they have officially doubled their gestational life span!

The babies are at this really awesome stage where you just so badly want to eat them because they are so cute. So smiley, so reactive of people and things around them, I'm loving it.

-Quinn has got the army crawl down pat. Sometimes plays around on his hands and knees but prefers to crawl across the room on his tummy. He's pretty quick and can get anywhere he wants to almost immediately.

-Bryson finally began hid forward movement a couple days after he turned 8 months! We had big celebrations for him and were so happy! He somehow just scoots forward using tons of different methods, pretty funny. Now, at a week later he's just as fast of an army crawler as Quinn.

-THEY EAT SO MUCH FOOD. Seriously, they don't stop and just eat more and more and more. They are nearly fully onto table food and baby purees are long gone. It's messier but a lot easier for me to just throw stuff on their plates and let them go to town. They definitely get the most cranky and cry the most when you don't give them food fast enough. Oink.

-Awesome sleepers. Sleep 7 pm-6 am. Sometimes one or both wake between 3 am-5 am to eat but not always. I'm not ready to force them cutting out that last "middle of the night" feeding because the past 8 months they've been really great at slowly transitioning out of things so I'm cool with it. Take 2-3 naps a day (mostly 3 still). Naps range from 45 min-1 1/2 or 2 sometimes. They are so great at just putting themselves to sleep in their own bed, it's the best thing ever.

-They smile in an instant, it's the best. Max has begun making efforts to get them to smile which has been fun to see too, he's overall really really good with the babies and their relationship is cute.

-Quinn has the funniest yell when he's bored/mad/trying to get your attention. Once you react to him mid yell he gets a huge silly smile on his face and his eyebrows raise all high like he's happily surprised.

-They are just the sweetest boys! So happy and wonderful. I'm starting to get more to the point that twins are fun and not just a ton of work, ha. Love these little boy!

Bryson (you guys, I love the little dot by his eye oh so much. It's the best feature Heavenly Father blessed him with so we can tell them apart! Perfect spot!)
 Love his resting pouty face

 their 8 months pictures on the chair are getting harder! They move so much!
 The face on the right was the funniest

 twin love
 Their adorable 4th of July outfits from Jim and and Jan screamed take more pictures of us

 Sometimes crying is apart of our lives. 


 "If I'm going down, you're gong down with me."


Blair said...

They are the cutest ever. I love all the updates on their personalities. And I love that you are real and include the falling over and crying pictures. Seriously. The best.

Alissa said...

I love seeing your prego tummy and then the babes comparison cute!
And lagoon , go you! The very idea makes me tired. You are awesome...pretty much super mom with the best attitude in the world. Enjoy your vacay!

Aleisha said...

I'm obsessed