Sunday, July 19, 2015

These are the days.

I have so much to be thankful for. This is probably one of those sappy cheesy posts about how "great" my life is but it's not supposed to come out like that. I'm just truly grateful for the circumstance in my life right now (even thought it's FAR from perfect or ideal!)

After an hour or so of Casey being upstairs from putting Max to bed I went upstairs to check on them and found them both fast asleep in our bed.

These are the days.

Days when your oldest is a mere two years old, hilariously saying NO to literally every request and throwing down that tantrum on a weekly basis. But I love it.

Days when your babies are beginning to put put around the house trying to follow you from room to room and oh so happy when you tickle them and just get down there and pay attention to them.

These are the days your heart melts over the stinking cuteness of their faces and personalities and everyday doings.

Days when your husband is in school and you talk about "the future" and one day will do this or that while holding hands on the couch for your Friday night (or really every night) date night because you're too dog tired to leave the house.

Although these are physically exhausting days of walking up and down stairs a million times a day putting babies to bed and getting them up and changing what seems like 20+ diapers a day mostly being poop and listening to more crying than you wish because you can't hold 2 babies all the time, I wouldn't change these days for anything.

I'm going to look back at these days some day and want them back so badly.

Heavenly Father is oh so wonderful with all that He gives. I am forever indebted to Him.

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Cherri said...

Yep These days turn into those days in a blink.... and then you have to enjoy them vicariously....