Thursday, July 23, 2015

Christensen Family Reunion part 2

Alright! So the next day fr the reunion we all trekked our way up to Lagoon! We stayed in kiddie land the whole day because, for me, it was just so fun to watch Max have a blast on all the rides. His joy and excitement was contagious. He loved every second and was an absolute thrill seeker. 

All the cousins waiting for bumper cars was too cute.

Our special treats for the day! Man love me funnel cake at amusements parks.

The one game Casey played to win Max an inflatable hammer, way too perfect of a toy for a 2 year old boy.
What my view looked like much of the day pushing the babies and following the crowd.
The babies were absolute troopers the entire day. Acouple of the families with older kids were crazy nice and took the twins for a couple hours while they slept and then woke up so we could enjoy the park with Max, so nice of them!

a. Max never once complained or slowed down the entire day, he was a TROOPER. We weren't in the car more than 5 minutes when he went immediately asleep, such a great kid.
b. Life with babies at the hotel, you are their toys.
The final day we gathered at Casey's grandpa's house in Springville to all participate in the traditional fun run/walk optional 1 mile/2 miler (yes I meant for that to be a long sentence). The gang was happy and cooperative and optimistic, no matter the age, I just loved it.

Stroller gang
The serious contenders (read teenage boys) up in the front ready to go as soon as Grandpa said the word
Max then high tailed after them for a solid 2-3 blocks, that kid, I swear...
Taking my jolly good time with the babies while Casey ran after to Max to make sure he didn't get run over by a car (or stroller or other serious competitor).
And a finish! Withe the beautiful mountain behind.
We rounded out the afternoon with a traditional piƱata the family always does filled with candy and toys!
Karissa finally broke it!
We sat around chatting for hours with each other until one by one the families needed to leave in order to reach their next destination that night.

Our little Cutler family, only missing Tayli who's on her mission.

Great grandchildren, only 1 girl in this group! (She ran away for the picture, ha)
The grandparents
(Somehow I missed Lance and Malinda's family in this!)
The siblings

So grateful to be apart of such a wonderful family. Man, my children are lucky to have such a wonderful family history!

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