Saturday, July 18, 2015

4th of July Palooza and celebrations.

Started out the morning with the ward's pancake breakfast. Delicious and filled with great friends as always. Max also participated in the little children's parade that morning. Let's just say he's not a shy kid. He paraded up and down, back and forth over and over riding his bike past all the adults.

Love young women in the ward who constantly want to hold our babies, yes please!
On our way home we stopped to watch the neighborhood's parade. There were some pretty sweet get ups.

Definitely stoked when the fire truck passed by.
Candy, oh yes candy.
Quinn started crawling up on things that day, so big!
We ran over real quick to the local firework stand to pick up Casey's favorite stuff! Kid in a candy store I tell ya. Max was beyond obsessed with that huge inflatable dinosaur.
Our bff Katie who has stepped in t be the best pseudo aunt/nanny ever. We love her so much. She's the same year as Casey in school.

Onto our annual 4th of July Paloooza! Water balloons are a must.
Tiny pools filled with warm water is a must.
Quinn is very much obsessed with his tongue as of lately. It's stinking adorable.
And then onto Bryson's face. Love those pouty cheeks and lips.
The elders joined us during the water balloon launching time.
On the the delicious desserts. I made these s'mores bars, and hello freaking yumminess.Go forth and make.

Maxson's hand is covered in the outside coating of a red cake ball. Hello cavities and happiness.

For little kids games this year we did ice on a spoon and they were to run around the tree. Just like herding wet cats. But it was still hilarious.

The 4th of July crew minus Tasha and the missionaries.

Casey's favorite part of the night: fireworks! It really is fun for one and all even those children who cover their ears and scream, we all know that deep down inside they really are enjoying it ;)

Nebraska sells the WORST sparklers, so disappointing. But Max still loved them and even more he loved the little poppers you throw on the ground.

Lincoln is truly like a war zone for a solid 4-6 hours that night. It's insane the amount of noise but really fun too. Huge fireworks are lit off into the air from all directions, it's quite an evening for sure.

I love this country so very much. And each day am so proud to be an America. Thankful to Heavenly Father who guided those founding our nation. Thankful to those who serve our country by protecting our freedoms. Thankful to the families who stay at home raising families by themselves while their husband and fathers are deployed. I can never imagine living that life but am so ever thankful to them for what they give up, I often think of those women and admire them so much. Although this nation has slowly been corrupted through various forms, I still stand behind it and am proud of what it can provide. Land of the free because of the brave indeed.

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