Wednesday, July 9, 2014

lincoln tourist: prairieland dairy days

the day before on our visit to the capital building and roller-skating museum i picked up a little pamphlet on touristy things to do in the lincoln area. low and behold the following day was prairie land dairy days in firth nebraska! it's essentially a completely free open house the dairy farm offers for locals to come, tour the facility, see cows, do fun family-like stuff, and try their food. it was truly so much fun and i'm glad we took the effort and time to go down.
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as soon as we got there casey found the spot where they were giving away their cups of ice cream and HOLY COW was that ice cream amazingly yummy. i'm no ice cream connoisseur but that stuff was so fresh and creamy and soft and perfect. maxson agreed too.
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there was a huge hay bail castle for the kids to play on.
and casey taught maxson how to catch rain in your mouth (luckily it just barely sprinkled on us and the rest of the day was super nice)
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while waiting in line to tour the facility maxson played on tractors
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we were so impressed with their facility. it's all family run between 3 families, the place does not smell one bit, there's hardly any flies, and the list goes on. it really was fascinating to hear all the number statistics and methods they go through to get high quality farm fresh milk to the stores (and remember guys, i love my milk). and you can buy this milk straight in our grocery stores.
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we ran into lots of friends there too, this set happened to tour the facility on the huge tractor at the same time we did
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max played in the corn box for a bit or as i thought, the sea of gold
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pretty soon our family will fill up the faces on this one!
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i thought maxson was going to love the petting zoo part…he really didn't care a bit to my surprise.
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what maxson DID love was this random water game where you pump water and make little floating duckies go through a course into a well area, get them out and go again. tears came when we said we were done with that area.
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as seen below they let you take home big gallon zip loc bags of their "prairie gold" or fresh fertilizer, that's some high quality stuff i tell ya.
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my favorite part of the day was the chocolate milk, oh my heck how i loved that stuff (and of course, maxson did too)
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they gave out some more delicious free lunch. they ran out of buns by the time we got there, but the meat was still delicious and i'm not one to complain about free food. creatively enough, they offered cheese curds as a side to the lunch. again so fun and yummy since you usually don't experience such a thing but stayed great with the theme of dairy
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it was such a fun little family activity to go to. non stressful, quaint, local, and just simply fun. i hope we can muster the energy to go next year too with our family 5!

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Cherri said...

No fears... you will be a champ by then... just wait and see! What fun. little miss muffit-- "eating her curds and weigh"