Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Blessing day for two

Merry Christmas Eve my friends! Tonight we will be having a Bethlehem dinner on the floor with family to remember the birth of our Savior. The children will reenact the nativity story while it's read as well. I'm so excited!

We are so lucky to be surrounded by family this time of the year! And I'm lucky to have people be around to help watch children so I can stay caught up on my blogging!

As always I wrote this a few days ago and had time to add the pictures today, enjoy the boys' blessing day! I'll update this post with better individual pictures of the boys this coming Sunday too since we forgot to get those!
As luck would have it, tho Christmas season Casey's family was willing to come down to visit Cody's family for Christmas in Arizona which meant we could visit both families for Christmas in one state without much traveling, WAHOO! This also presented a most wonderful situation to bless the babies so BOTH our families could be around! I love great situations like that.

There was only 1 Sunday where the Cutlers would be in town so that was going to be the designated Sunday for the blessing. We really have no "home ward" persay here in Arizona. Blessing the babies in my siblings ward seemed strange since we know no one there. And I don't know anyone in my parent's home ward since they've moved. BUT my mom and dad don't even go to their "home ward" since he's actually the bishop of a Young Single Adult ward in Arizona, so the YSA ward it was!!!! It almost seemed strange to do it in that ward but it actually totally didn't. We always go the YSA ward when we visit Arizona so we recognize faces and they us (when you're the only one who comes with a child, people recognize you). With a lot of my siblings there, all of Casey's family there, and my dad on the stand it just seemed right and special.

We amazingly enough were 15-20 minutes early, I was really impressed with us. It was pretty stressful getting out the door though. We definitely had all 3 kids screaming at the same time which is always fun. We did have Casey's brother Derek helping us the whole time which was so wonderful, I honestly don't know how we'll do it on our own at home.

The blessings were beautiful. As I looked up during the first blessing my heart was filled with gratitude and happiness as I saw that one of our little boys was surrounded by a bunch of the men in our family who love them. Each boy was blessed with unique traits and abilities, it was so fun to listen to them both. Bryson was first and yelped out at the end of his blessing but it was actually really cute. Quinn was just happy to be bounced during his blessing. Both boys were beyond ready to eat after their blessings though ha.

It just felt so special to be surrounded by so much family on such a special day for our boys. I don't even think I held either baby at church since there were so many ready and willing hands to snuggle them (my brother Kirk is the new baby whisperer, I was thoroughly impressed). Casey and I mainly focused on the tazmaniun devil aka Maxson, who was pointing to papa on the stand loudly saying his name the whole time or loudly pointing out the babies during their blessing. One funny part was when max was pointing out the babies in between their blessings our niece, Brielle, was loudly disagreeing with him "no Max, no babies!" it was comical.

We took pictures after church with Maxson trying to constantly run away down the church building and followed it with a little luncheon by my mom at her hues with the family. It really was all such a wonderful day to be surrounded by so much family. These boys are already quite the loved duo, I can't wait for them to get to know these great people in their lives.

 Max on the run…always on the run
 Blair and Logan's family
 Cody and Camille's family.
Kirk and Whitney's pretend family.

 We were excited to eat the huge chocolate cake from Costco at the luncheon!
 I love this picture, all the hands helping ha
 Our three little boys.

Thank you to all our dear family for sacrificing their time to come and be with us, it meant so much!

Max's blessing day here

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Cody and Camille said...

It was a heavenly day! So glad we could take part in it:) Those boys just melt me.