Sunday, December 7, 2014

picturas de iFono de el Casey

1. Max thinks it's awesome to get his back massaged
2. The Pirate baby (B)
that one time almost a month ago we went on a walk outside. Notice Maxson changes positions ha, 

 1. When the Elders take over nursery
2. Cuddles with Mr Bryson (I think that's Bryson…)
 Irreverent church pic. Apparenlty when Casey takes Max to church he's really good and cuddles. When I take him to church we have to go out due to his irreverence...
 1. Max is obsessed with baths lately. Bless Casey's heart for always giving them to him.
2. QB (these are their designated sleep sack colors
What dinner looks like with fussy babies. 
 I went to the store by myself and Casey sent me this picture with the words of "this took a lot of effort but I finally got them both calm and happy"
 1. Max is also obsessed with playing in the sink as of lately. Our floor turns into a mini pool, whatevs, as long as he doesn't go pouring water on the babies it's cool.
2. My obsession with cookie butter has begun. 
 The last night of 3 kids under 2 aka the night before Maxson's birthday. We be busy I tell ya.
 1. Max's favorite present from his birthday: his Dentist play dough set: Dr. Drill n Fill. Casey loves to play it with him and while I'm in the kitchen I hear Casey using words to talk to Max like "material, amalgam, 
2. Max trying to help, notice the baby beneath the top baby…full  hands!
 1. Cool dude Maxson
2. We had to switch Max out of his crib to his toddler bed the night he turned 2 due to climbing out of it, in the video monitor we saw him turn the light on, place monkey next to him, and begin reading books on his bed. After I heard a large crash sound from his room only to find him ON his dresser pushing everything off did we push everything into his closet, move his bed away from the light and proceed on into the night. Funny child. Everytime I look at him in the monitor it makes me miss him and want him to come back out and play. 
 Excitement of his new bed!!!!

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