Saturday, December 6, 2014

NOOOOO! (translated snow)

(This was written a few weeks ago, it's not nearly as frigid anymore and there's no more snow)

So it's cold.

Really cold.

I actually wouldn't know how cold it truly is since I stay locked inside with the twinsies in our balmy 73 degree home.

All week long it's ranged from 0-36 degrees. Usually it hangs out in the teens and low twenties when you bring in the humidity factor. Our heating bill is going to be a nightmare this winter…

I digress, THE SNOW! I can take the cold if there's snow involved and for us there has been. It snowed the day Casey's momma got in town Nov 11th (a few weeks ago) and has stuck to the grind and added more snow ever since! We got a decent storm on Saturday and were thrilled to go play in it with Maxson! He kept yelling out the window and while we were outside with much enthusiasm "NOOOOOO!" as in sssssssssssssssssnow!

It was a grand old time

Now when we go outside Max thinks we can always pull the sled in the street…Nokay.

My favorite part about winter is the snow for sure. It's cold but there's  reason you can actually go outside and play in it!!! As weird as it sounds, I wish it would snow more often so it gave us an excuse to go outside and BE outside and cold ha.