Saturday, December 20, 2014

This and that

Casey is constantly falling asleep while holding babies that also tend to fall asleep on him. I wish he were around all day to put that magic spell on the babies more often. Or I just wish I had the magical ability to put babies to sleep faster…and fall asleep fast myself. Instead if a baby falls asleep on me these days I think ok I need to transition this baby off of me seamlessly so he'll stay asleep because I need to get this and this and this and this done before he wakes up!
 Cute babies waking up! V for victory!!!!
A few of my friends at a joint baby shower for Katie and Kylie Christopherson. I hadn't been around all my friends like that in forever. It was so much fun. We had a daytime/playdate shower where the kids came too and we had pizza. It was kinda crazy with all the children and moms and equally awesome at the same time. What an awesome stage I'm at in my life. All these great girls I'm surrounded by having lots of babies too, we all stay at home (a couple of them work nights) and we can all get together in friends' tiny houses and be ok with children running wild. I love my friends so much. I think I counted 25 children there and that was with some of the moms leaving theirs at home! 
 Crazy days where I'm a mess all day surviving. I hate bottle feeding, ha. It takes forever, it's messy, your hands are occupied, they spit up more, formula smells, blah I could go on. But at the same time I'm grateful my babies take formula and bottles a-ok and there is such a thing as nutritious formula because I can't quite produce enough milk on my own to sustain them both! Yes we are breastfeeding and bottle feeding. I'm probably making enough for 1 1/2 babies so we supplement throughout the day as needed with formula after I nurse them. Oh how I wish I could solely just breastfeed, so much easier!!!!
 Visiting ducks with Granny. 
Headed to bed.
We took a trip to Trader Joe's and holy cow Maxson was obsessed with the little cart! He was adorable pushing it around the whole time so determined to go all around the store and pick up what he wanted to put in his cart, it was so adorable. Adorable until we had to leave the store and he threw the biggest tantrum ever. While trying to rip his hands away from the cart's bar, he began his screaming. I carried him screaming out of the store, he writhed out of my arms in the idle of the where all the cars drive blah blah blah. It was fun. The screaming ensued for about 20 minutes, I kid you not. Still a cute cart?
 Took Maxson to Target one night to purely entertain him, no buying anything, no plans, just following Max around. He had tons of fun. He pushed the buttons on the music sample section a million times to listen Frozen over and over and over. then he'd sing along with Let it go over a milling times over. It was so darn cute and the other shoppers loved the entertainment. He found another small cart to push around, luckily there was no scream fest that ensued.
 a.  Casey. Video games. Sleeping babies. Life
b. Debating on what I should do with my spare time.
c. Blessed Katie surprised me one day and came over with her girls one day. The little girls played with Maxson and Katie helped hold babies, twas a great afternoon
d. Playing  with his new dentist play dough set. It only took an hour or so to make all the colors jumbled into one
I hate getting pictures like this from Casey, ha. He loves to spoil Max and let him try soda when out and about. This time around it was at another little 2 year old's birthday party when I was texted this...
My vacuuming buddy.
Life. I can't remember what was so funny about this picture when Casey took it but I was laughing really hard, maybe because I purposely sat so far away from the rest of the children for a break...
Going places with babies takes EFFORT.
Silly Maxson.
Lastly, I told my instagram followers that I feel like I'm dripping in babies. Sometimes they're always all over me. And Max is often next to me playing on the iPad so he's not making a bigger mess somewhere else.

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