Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thanksgiving 2k14 with los Bundys

We were lucky enough to be invited to Thanksgiving dinner with pretty much the coolest family in our ward. Seriously I love the Bundys. Allison, the mom is one of my all time favorite people. Their family is hilarious and lively. It was just a wonderful Thanksgiving we were lucky enough to spend with them.

 Each year they add what they're thankful for to this tablecloth. I absolutely loved it. They started it back in 1999 I think and they're still going with it! We got to add ours to it too!

 The wonderful dinner. Max ate 1% of what was given him and 200% of the "juice"/sparkling cider that was given to him, blah.
 The group

 They actually have twins too! Jake and Sam are 10 years old and I got to be their scout leader for awhile. Super funny boys and it was cute having the twins hold the twins.

All day long Casey and I kept talking back and forth about what we were thankful for, big ones for me for this year included

-my wonderful little family: Hardworking Casey, hilarious Maxson, and 2 new healthy babies- Quinn and Bryson
-health insurance
-good friends
-my Savior Jesus Christ

We have been oh so blessed and are ever so grateful for what we have been given!

Happy late Thanksgiving!

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Cherri said...

Thanksgiving a perfect time of year