Tuesday, December 2, 2014

picturas de iFono

Before we start into this plethora of pictures from my phone, let me just make it clear to you dearest readers 

3 KIDS UNDER 2 IS HARD. ( I wrote a chunk of this on Saturday when all my kids were under 2;)




Enjoyable? Indeed. Definitely trying my hardest but oh my gosh, it's so hard to keep everyone happy. It feels like there is literally never a free moment. If the stars align and there IS a free moment? SLEEP! MUST GET SLEEP. Holy cow. I keep thinking "this too shall pass" from both a happy and sad attitude. My babies won't be needy like this forever, one day they will sleep longer increments and go longer in between feedings. One day Maxson will listen to me just a little bit more (maybe?). But also these mostly always just cuddly babies will pass, their cute scrunched up faces, their helplessness that relies on you for everything. Snuggling both babies at the exact same time will pass, being able to hold them simultaneously so easily, the way they just mold asleep to your body when you hold them, it's just the best feeling in the world and this too shall pass. Soon Maxson will be bigger, and cooler, and have a  bigger vocabulary, and all of this cute grunting charades will pass. He's going to dance less when music comes on, his infatuation with the babies will pass, he won't always be this almost 2 year old boy and that makes me sad. There's a time and a season to all things. 

I'm stealing in this time blogging because miraculously the stars aligned and all the 3 children were down at the same time to nap, I got in a nap, the tiny babies awoke, I fed them, and they MAGICALLY went back to sleep without any coaxing. Glories. So here I am!!!!!

Also as I'm sitting here writing this I just heard Casey tell the guys he's playing video games with online "Yeah, I'll have to get off when my son wakes up because it gets CUH-RAZY in here when he wakes up. 3 kids under 2 is nutso." Well said lover, well said. 

From a few weeks ago when I went out of the house with Max by myself for the first time in forever (cue singing) and we went and saw the tractors. I was just beyond giddy that I could walk that far (it's not far at all, you guys) and I WASN'T TIRED! I seriously felt like I could run a marathon walking was so easy again! Ha! 
PS- do you realize how many red clothes Maxson has? I swear his whole wardrobe consists of so much red. We DOOO live in red country and I do shop garage sales a major it of the time so…makes sense.
Are you sick of me posting pictures of Maxson looking at tractors? Probably. But it's life. So it's gotta be documented...

It makes you feel pretty good when babies just throw themselves on you to cuddles. Sometimes I feel like I'm drenched in babies and it feels oh so good. Sadly the babies are old enough now where I can't just cuddle them for an hour and move them and they stay asleep. So now I can't cuddle them for as long in hopes that they'll actually sleep a long time, mmeh.
Saying goodbye to granny, oh man we're are sure missing the help (not to be confused with The Help…mother ;)
The FIRST time we ventured outside as a family of 5!!!!! It was finally warm enough, naps and feeding schedules aligned and we were able to walk to a friend's house real quick. It felt so wonderful to get out. Max spent about 10 minutes of our trip sitting or standing on his kick board and the other 40 minutes running away from us. The babies didn't make a peep the whole time. It was a great outing. 
Yay for grammie Cutler in town!!!!!
Maxson's new balance bike that he is obsessed with. "Biy! Biy!"
Wubanubs for the win this time around too.

Maxson decided to pour the milk for dinner when I wasn't watching. Cool, dude. Cool.
Bryson and Quinn were less entertained by the charade.
Maxson is obsessed with juice as of lately. Ugh. Do all other parents despise juice as much as I do? Why is it even in our house? Max spotted it in the grocery bags, promptly retrieved his sippie cup and walked around the house with the 2 items saying "Juuuu! Juuuuuuuuuuuu!"
Maxson is still super sweet with these babies and loves kissing their little heads whenever he sees them. When Casey puts him to bed he holds Max up like this to go around the house saying goodnight to all of us (there's actually not that much "going around the house" going on since the babies are usually an arms reach away from me, ha). Max is a pretty sweet boy. 
Also let it be known that whenever the babies are crying Maxson get RIGHT up in their face, like maybe 2 inches away saying "hi! hi! hi! hi!" trying to calm them down ha. He's also fantastic at retrieving burp rags and binkies. Way to go Maxson.
Max found a pen to destroy the house with. I told him "Max don't write on the dresser, write on your foot or something" he happily obliged and I didn't really car. Casey promptly followed with a "No, Max, find paper to write on!" Eh, pick your battles dude.
On a particularly rough day, I threw myself on the couch at nap time with a big sigh and devoured a container of muddy buddies a wonderful friend brought over (thanks, Jessie!). No shame, I deserved it.
He says babies put him to sleep and he just can't help but fall asleep when he holds them…well isn't that just lucky for Casey…sadly Kimber can't do that all day long although she DOES hold babies what seems like all day long...
Also baby wearing twins has proved to be helpful in the evenings It'll be sad the day when they're too big to do this :(
What Q thought of Thanksgiving.
Nightly ritual. Maxson has finally gotten cooperative at repeating words (more like trying to replicate sounds and flailing miserably each time) it's freakishly adorable and ACTUALLY we both agree it's improving his vocabulary of trying out new sounds, yay for righteous parenting!


Tonight I looked at Casey and said, I'm so tired but I want to blog! Woes of a mother of a tiny child army.


Andy Ballstaedt said...

I'm so glad you blog even when you're tired.

AN Petersen said...

I love all your pictures. But I laughed so hard when you said that you despise juice. I despise it too, I almost never buy it because if I do that is all my children ask for and then it ultimately ends up on the floor in a sticky mess.
Also when you told Max to color on his foot and casey told him to get paper, that happens to me and my hubby all the time. I tell my 2 year old things like that all the time and then tell my husband that im just picking my battles. So much easier.

Cherri said...

Ahh the joys of motherhood