Tuesday, December 23, 2014

faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamily aka I finally get to breathe/nap sometimes and people will help hold babies.

The first couple of days in Arizona were spent at my parent's house just to recuperate and breathe and catch up on sleep. We did so much enjoy playing outside with Max though, he loved it too. The first picture is Max living his life as close to the edge as possible on those sidewalks that kindly curve down towards the street...

Finding a box of cars at Granny's house was an ultimate prize.
Cousins came over to play (bless my SIL Blair for always brining over heir kids to visit us all the time when we visit). And everyone began meeting the twins and holding and loving on them. It meant so much that everyone made us feel so special and loved.

These 3 girls can't get enough of baby holding. They're always coming up to me asking if they can hold a baby, ha, I love it. If I could I'd take them back with me and pay them $1 an hour to come play at my house entertaining/babysitting Maxson and holding babies!
A wild game of duck duck goose. I think that was Max's first time playing. He'd get up and run around the circle anytime someone else did, it was quite entertaining.

The end of our first full day in Arizona.

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