Saturday, January 3, 2015

Woodruff (pre-)Christmas gathering

In the first couple days after we arrived in Arizona, all the Arizona Woodruffs got together for a little pre-Christmas celebration gathering. We had the traditional Christmas dinner with ham and potatoes, the kids played out the nativity while Papa read the scripture verses, presents were exchanged, and all around happiness ensued. It was such a fun evening to celebrate with the family! I will let pictures tell the rest of the story.

Baby holders abounded galore. It was great. These 3 little girls along with Tristan were constantly asking if they could hold the babies, it was adorable.
Double pouty lips

Quinn sleeping throughout the festivities 
Tristan holding babies, Casey feeding babies
Mary and Joseph. How cute. Amiright?
Evolett loved her shepherd outfit
Maxson wanted nothing to do with dressing up. He ran away yelling NO!
Presents from Papa and Granny
Maxson was pretty stoked over the tractor he got
Max is saying "tractor" in this picture, so funny how he pushes his lips out to say it.

Kirk and Whitney had us for Christmas and also were wise enough to give Max a tractor so he got one dump truck and one excavator.
Merry Christmas from the Woodruffs (minus Weston, Amanda, Abby, Britton)
The next morning Maxson was still over the moon over his tractors. 

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The Blackwelders said...

That first photo is so cute. Max is looking at the girls like, "you be careful with my boys!"