Thursday, December 18, 2014

A couple Christmas outings

WE MADE IT TO ARIZONA!!! Holy cow that was the most stressed, traumatic, painful, eventful, crazy trip/plane ride ever. We survived and are here though, so absolutely insane! More on that craziness later. For now I have a couple posts I've been working on in the past little bit while I mustered sometime here and there I'll finish them up and post them over the next few days. Here's one!

So the hospital I gave birth at does an annual Miracle on 70th street event each year (the hospital is on 70th street). Our first year here Max was born on the day of the event! The second year it was not even on my radar to go. And here we are with our third year and we went ahead and braved it with our newborns! We figured we wouldn't know anyone there therefore no one would ask to look at the babies and they wouldn't get sick.

They had a little breakfast which included fountains of wretched juice and huge cupcakes for nutrition, ha. They had a little craft making section, a music room, Santa visit, Mrs Clause reading books, real reindeer outside, and booths of local doctors, dentists, pediatricians to acquire new patients and giving out swag. It was really fun and I'm glad we went (Maxson was honestly enthused over little of it). As always the babies shocked me and didn't make a peep the whole time. Maybe I should bring them places more often ha. 

We drove around to look at lights one night. Didn't quite find any super spectacular houses but anything even small caught Maxson's attention and he oohed and ached over it asking for "mowr mowr?"
Not exactly a Christmas outing but the matching bibs seemed like they belonged in this post.

It's been fun slow Christmas season for us!

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