Monday, December 15, 2014

A birthday fit for a 2 year old.

The days leading up to Maxson's birthday I kept thinking "I have nothing planned really. Nothing." Ok, I did have his presents in the basement but nothing beyond that. The combo of newborn twins and Max is draining me of nearly all my energy, this birthday was gonna be a super duper relaxed one which turned out fabulous in my book. And luckily my son was turning 2 and thus had no expectations, wants, wishes, etc. Let's be honest he had no idea what was going on all day and why, bless his heart for his simplicity.

As soon as Maxson went to bed the night before we got to work putting up the birthday decorations: streamers, signs, balloons, and faces of 1 year old Maxson, we felt all sneaky putting them up, it was so fun.

Well soon after Max woke up the next morning we got him to go downstairs and his face was full of wonder and excitement, so awesome. He was most excited about the balloons on the floor for sure and 2nd came the awe of little Max faces all over the walls "Maaaa! Maaaaaa!"

Breakfast was the ultimate (frozen) pancakes topped with whipped cream, sprinkles, and 2 candles. Again his smile made you feel like a million dollar parent. I thought to myself why do I not do this every morning, he's so happy!

When we began singing happy birthday to him he looked at us with a closed mouth smile and then put his head down all shyly, it was dang adorable. We loved it. Maxson ate all 3 pancakes with no complaint or coaxing (woah, that's not normal. Usually he eats half of 1 and the rest ends on the floor).

Max helped me make his cake.
We took some pictures of the babies and Max upstairs and Max showed me how he can climb almost out of his bed to turn on the lights
I tried getting a cute picture of Max with his monkey but it was a no go, they were all blurry because he moves so much. I contained kept Max in his crib with food while I took pictures of the babies. 

Then came lasagna with a candle on it for lunch
Then came nap time. I finished up wrapping his presents in the basement and got a little bit of dinner ready.

Soon after naps I was in the process of watering down the juice Max wanted (hello, that's not new, kid). Well epic tantrum of all tantrums ensued for 1 whole hour and continued to escalate for various reasons because of baths, monkeys not allowed in baths, mom going downstairs, diaper changes, having to put a diaper back on because he wouldn't get in the bath. I've never lost my patience more with that child than I did in that hour, sadly.

Somehow I got him calmed down. Dad finally came home. We ate dinner, mac n cheese for the birthday boy because he never gets it at our house but inhales it at other people's houses. As soon as dinner was over we opened presents! Giving presents to a 2 year old has to be one of the best feelings in the whole world. His face LIT up with each gift, so excited over every little thing. Oh how I love that child.

 The Dr. Drill n Fill set (a play dough dentist set) was by far his most favorite thing. He and Casey have played hours on it since. It's pretty adorable. Casey unknowingly would use huge dental words to try and teach Maxson what he was doing, stinking cute.
And lastly, CAKE!!!!! Our friends next door came over and joined us on this part, they brought over a mylar balloon which Max is still obsessed with and a sweet new hot wheels car. Again, when we sang happy birthday to him he got all shy, turned around and put his head in the wall, so cute. He did a great job on blowing out the candles all day and it was so cute to watch. I put M&M's on the top because he's obsessed with them.

Max, Julie, and Grace enjoying (only the frosting on their) cake.

It was such a fun birthday. It was great to do special things just for Maxson because it was his birthday. I was surprised that it was the day that he caught on to repeating that he was "TDDDOOOOO!" when asks how old he was. He would also hold up one finger and then look at it and try to figure out how to get one more finger up but it ended up all fingers would come up and he just couldn't do it out, so darling.



Brittany said...

He is so cute, love the candles for each meal. The best birthdays are the simplest, especially when they are so little!

Jessie and Austin said...

You are the best mom. It's so cute seeing the twins hiding in different pictures. Happy Birthday Maxson!!

Andy Ballstaedt said...

Adorable post. Wish so bad I could have been a fly on the wall for all of it.