Thursday, December 4, 2014

Grammie in town

Casey's mom was so wonderful too and came to help us the day after my mom left for another week and a half. So grateful for the time she spent with us and all she did to take care of us! Helped us survive another week a little more sanely! Here's some pictures:

These are the signs my mom made with Maxson when we came home from the hospital (they're just for some reason in this post ha)
Helping Grammie make dinner (sweet and sour chicken, Casey's favorite that I kinda refuse to make ha, what a kind mother).

Playing don't eat pete for FHE. Max was obsessed
 I LOVE putting the babies in their bear suits!!!

 Max caught a glimpse of the cupcakes Grammie brought him for an early birthday present. He was STOKED. (And at the same time furious when he couldn't have any until after dinner, typical 2 year old)

 So happy when we finally got to eat them!

 Below is the race car "the babies gave" to Max that he loves oh so much. 
 Decorating the snow in colored water. Again, he was thrilled

 THe Children's museum with Grammie and learning about Nephi crossing the ocean with his family in a ship, again, FHE, he loved it so much.
 Children's museum

Thanks again for taking care of us all Grammie!!!!!!!

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