Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Easy like Sunday morning.

So Sunday morning is not easy let's be real, ESPECIALLY when/if church is in the early morning. Lucky for us, church is at 11 am (not too early) and will be changing to 1 pm in Januray (that's good and bad because of naps…). Also it's easy if you have grandmas's here at your home helping with everything. Also when you really have 3 kids but are only taking one to church, that seems really easy too. Let's go through a couple of Sunday activities (that ONLY happened and were documented because grandma was here).

Let's proceed.

Wake up (and do something good!)
 Maxson's new antic is running around the house nakie after baths in pure excitement. 
Also it snowed in Lincoln. Happy snow to us. Of course Maxson had to walk right through the snow in his church shoes and clothes and therefore trudge it all through the car, the church building, and then the house ha. Oh that boy...
 Sneaky church picture whilst singing (or maybe yawning on Casey's part?) (no the babies are not at church with us FYI, they were at home with grammie).
 After church "nack?????" (translated snack by Maxson). Cookie butter is probably my absolute new favorite food.
 "NOOOOOO!" (meaning snow from Maxson). I pulled him around the snow for my non workout of the day. We had a great time together.
 Pumping. At this time I was still pumping a ton. blahhhhhh
 So much washing!
 Casey's evening outfit and snuggles with babies
Happy Sunday 

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