Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Twinsies: 1 month

Here's my cute babies who are getting bigger and bigger. Oh man how I LURVE them so much!
I really do just want to eat them sometimes.
(QB, FYI- I almost always try to put Quinn on the left in all pictures and Bryson on the right and they will for sure be like this for their monthly pictures)
My only complaint at this point: SLEEP!
Ha, sometimes they're not so great at cooperating with each other and me at eating and being hungry at the same times every night so it's like I'm up every hour, it's killing a little ha. Luckily I have super nice friends who rotate at taking Maxson in the mornings so I can keep sleeping, bless their souls.

1. They've switched to Size 1 diapers
2. They've begun to grow out of some of their newborn clothes.
3. These boys have some STANKY gas, especially Quinny.
4. They eat a million times a day and also sleep a million of the hours a day it seems like.
5. I feel like Quinn eats more than Bryson. I give them 2 oz of formula after most breastfeeding sessions and Quinn often eats more.
6. Bryson's head is more narrow near the eye area
7. Both boys have tiny calicos near the front of their hairline.
8. Their eyes are beginning to look more blue and not just dark
9. Bryson's nicknames: Bry Guy, Brysy Bry
10. Quinn's nicknames: Quinny, Q


Bryson: 7 lbs | 20 1/2 in | 14 in head
Quinn: 7 lbs 7 oz | 20 1/2 in | 14 1/4 in head


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