Friday, December 19, 2014

So he's TWO!

Here's a few fun little facts about Mr. Maximus now that's he's TWO!

-About a month of or so before his 2nd birthday his parroting skills began to bloom a lot more. Instead f just grunting trying to repeat us he actually does try to say the words, it's been super fun.

-Of course since I'm the mom I can understand what he's saying a lot more easily than others. But even then sometimes I'm not quite sure on some words, ha, but he's trying SO hard!

-He's begun to get much more opinionated on things like which color spoon he's using, what kind of spoon, which cup to use. Clothes he doesn't have an opinion about at all though

-He loves baths, he'd take 1 every hour if he could I think.

-Loves tractors, bikes, cars

-Loves the babies. Gets about 1 inch close to their face awake or asleep and loudly say "HIYYY! Hi bebe! Hiyyyyyyyy! Bebe! Beeeebeeee!

-Can be surprisingly obedient at times and intensely disobedience at times

-Was stellar at transitioning from his crib to toddler bed. We never once had to go put him back in his bed he would always go back to it to fall asleep. That doesn't mean he doesn't make a mess of his room at times and get up and play everywhere.

-Maxson is still obsessed with technology. More often than not if I ask him what he wants to do he smiles and says "Ipaaaaa!" He gets ahold of our phones all the time and is constantly face timing and calling people at random times. I think the grandparents might think it's cute but everyone not so much. Sorry everyone else. Casey sent Max a picture while he was studying. The humorous part of it is that when you FaceTime Max and if he's holding it this is the view you will see, so Casey tried to reenact it for him. I let Max take a picture of himself and send it back. It provided quite the comedic moment.

-Speaking of sleep he's pretty awesomely consistent these days: good 2-3 hour nap every afternoon and pretty much never fights me. Night time he knows how to really eloooooooongate the going to bed process but is pretty awesome about always staying asleep and sleeping 11-12 hours every night. Lately we've been putting him to bed pretty late, between 8:30-9:30 but my doing so he doesn't usually wake up until 9 (one morning was 10!) so no complaints over here!

-Loves to sing. Sing along to Disney songs, nursery songs, hymns at church, Frozen, going to bed songs, it's just super cute. He usually catches on to the last word of a phrase.

height: 37 1/2 in -> greater than 97%ile
weight: 32.8 pounds ->96%ile
head: 19 5/8 in -> 76%ile

There's so much more I'd like to write about him but my brain is fried.

He's super cute.

The end

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Melissa Lynn said...

This two year old stuff seriously happened overnight. Blows our mind how much Ellie acts like she's 2!