Sunday, November 9, 2014

More NICU pictures

So after the initial day of labor and delivery, Casey and I both stayed in the hospital for the normal "48 hour" stay. He'd wheel me back and forth from their room to ours. He had to go to school a few times and he went home to see Max a few times too. I can't really remember leaving much ha. The babies, sleep, and food were my main focuses. 

After the first 2 nights I was able to stay in my hospital room for one more night on their "almost home" program where you can stay one more night without nurse care. My mom stayed with me this night to wheel me back and forth for night feeding since Casey had a big test the next day he was studying for a ton and needed better sleep. 

The following 8 days I pretty much lived in the boys' NICU room. it really wasn't bad at all. I was there always to nurse them, to change diapers, to soothe cries, to hear alarms go off, to sleep along side them, to cuddle, etc. I'm so grateful there was a bed in that room for me! Mom and Casey visited as much as they could, this is the only time in our lives really that it would have been SOOOOO much more convenient to have a second car but we made it work. A couple friends visited too. But here's just more pictures of day to day!

Also I forgot to mention that on the very first day we spent cuddling the twins, while we each had one in our arms, we held them close and sang a very quiet happy birthday to them. I felt like it was such a special moment we got to share with them.

 Q, B

 B, B
 The day Quinn became chord/wire free was so exciting! He was allowed to stay in the NICU with us until Bryson was discharged, the nurses just couldn't help out with him.
 B, B
 Q, B

 B, Q

 Closer look at those scrumptious baby faces.

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Jessie and Austin said...

I need more time with them! That sounded weird. But they are so snuggly and warm and cozy!