Wednesday, November 12, 2014


The night before we were all to be discharged Casey texted me this picture. It got me so excited! We were officially ready to be bringing the twins home! Car seat bases in, middle seat taken out, and Maxson's seat moved to the back (I think once visitors leave we'll see if we can fit Max in between the twins.)
We were to be discharged the morning of Halloween! I was so giddy. Woke up pretty early (a half hour before their feeding) and got the room and all our stuff all ready to go! The nurses brought in these sweet Halloween gifts to us.
The carseats sat there waiting for bbies to be placed in them for what seemed like forever!
The Parents NICU group (alumni members) make costumes for all the NICU babies. Sweetest gesture ever! It really just made my heart so happy that they'd have Halloween costumes! Two cute little M&M's.
We were discharged right when Casey arrived and we piled those boys in their carseats! So tiny!
 Casey and I were so excited to take them downstairs and introduce them to Maxson!
When we pushed the stroller out of the elevator, Max came a running over so interested in what we were pushing. He immediately peaked his head into the lower car seat, picked up the blanket and with an intrigued smile on his face kept saying "babies, babies?" He looked at us questioningly and then went to peak at the other brother. He went back and forth between carseats doing the same thing over and over. He seemed so very happy!

 As soon as we began pushing the stroller he was all over in helping with that, he loves pushing any and all stroller pushing.
 First family picture of 5! Notice Maxson is still so very interested in the babies.
 Once we brought everyone inside Max decided it was all his business to keep pushing the pacifiers in the babies' mouths. Ha, he still loves to do that over and over, and taking them out of their mouths too ha.

 We immediately asked if he wanted to hold the babies. He got a big twinkle in his eye and starred at us while he grunted (his version of yes, ha). He jumped onto the couch for us, reached his arms out and asked for "babies!" As soon as we placed one baby in his arms, he pointed to the other saying he wanted that one too, ha. He still always does that, points to the second baby as soon as the first has been placed in his arms. My heart wanted to EXPLODE with fireworks and confetti watching him interact with our new babies. I was on cloud 10199347. Pure bliss.
 And then our first attempts at an ok family picture of 5, funny experience. I realize the circus has only just begun.
 When we brought Bryson and Quinn home we had them give a present to Maxson. It was meant to be an entertaining gift for him while he came to the hospital to visit us all but that didn't really work out. He didn't know or care though so it's ok. He opened a remote control race car. He'd been obsessed with our neighbor's one for months so I knew this was the perfect gift. Boy was I right. We then had Maxson in return give the babies their BYU stuffed animals. I was/still am impressed that Maxson so eagerly gives the animals to them and doesn't try to hoard them to himself, haha. As you can see he was more than happy to keep giving them to the babies.

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That photo of Max holding the babies! My heart!