Saturday, November 22, 2014

Our Love Story. Chapter 1- The Intro

Having recently passed our 5th anniversary it got me doing a lot of reflecting, looking back at pictures, reading old journals, watching that wedding video, just thinking back over our past, our love story!
boo for bad quality on this photo, it's from Facebook 
In the coming months I want to do various installments of our love story: how we met, dating, break up, dating again, engagement, etc because now I have so much time in my life ;)

The above photo was from our first date, our first date was actually a little marathon weekend date (neither of us knew those kind of dates could actually be totally awful for some people, ours turned out awesome). The date consisted of the Utah State vs BYU football game Friday night up in Logan and the next morning we went to conference together in Salt Lake City. He posted this photo on Facebook soon after our date and I remember just staring at this photo CONSTANTLY just trying my hardest to memorize this cute boy's face for probably hours on end. I think I could have literally burnt a hole in my computer screen (btw I was the only freshman n my whole floor to bring a desktop computer to college, ha! I survived).

Look forward to our first meeting!


Jared Christopherson said...

I took a desktop computer my freshman year too haha!

Jared Christopherson said...

This is Katie, not Jared by the way.