Sunday, November 16, 2014

Facts about Quinn and Bryson

Bryson, Quinn

-Those first 2 weeks was CONSTANT PEEING while diaper changing. Constant I tell you. Probably 3 times a day at least per boy! I don't remember it being like that with Maxson haha.

-Speaking of diapers, we go through 16-20 diapers a day between the twins. Insane right? Throw Max in there and I'm a professional diaper changer.

- If one is happy and sleeping, you can bet the other one is going to be giving you a hard time. (How in the world do I have 2 hands to blog right now with everyone else being gone? I'm boggled. Actually I keep having to get up and re-settle Bryson as I write this. And now that Bryson is completely settled finally Quinn is beginning to squeak, ooy).

- It does not matter what goes in who's mouth or nose because they're going to dang share it all. Pacifiers, bottles, nose bulbs. All that matters is that you as the parent stays sane.

-They squeak. They are definitely squeakers when they're not pleased with something going on. And then those few times where we've waited way too long to appease them boy howdy are their little cries loud.

-They totally sound the same. It's hilarious when they happen to make the exact same cries or noises at the exact same time. Makes me laugh.

-When they're completely lying still and their faces are totally at rest, they TOTALLY look like identical twins. But as soon as they're awake and using their face muscles they have differences. It's like their overall expressions are very different.
Quinn, Bryson

-Quinn's face always looks a little more red than Bryson's

-Both of Bryson's eyes have clogged tear ducts :( Meaning he pretty much always has goop in his eyes that we're trying to clean out. Quinn's left eye is the same thing

-They very much enjoy sleeping on the boppy pillow. Even more than the boppy pillow would be in someone's arms.

-They both have runny or plugged noses :( It's the saddest thing ever. They stayed clear of catching it from Maxson the first week home but then it was inevitable they got it. Pooey. I feel so bad for them. I feel like we're doing everything from saline drops, snot sucking, humidifiers, smelling Casey's mom's essential oils, being propped up to sleep. Next we should stick them in the bathroom while someone takes a cold shower and I'm thinking about buying one of those nose fridas.

That's it for now, a baby is calling.


Kammy Ellis said...

Kimber you are Amazing to be able to handle all that!..seriously...your'e my new hero

Suzanne and Nate said...

Wow! loving your posts and those cuties! Great pictures too. Hang in there, soon they'll give you smiles and that will give you more steam:)

Purposely at Home said...

they are just SO ADORABLE! congrats.


Lara Graham said...

I am no mom, but my sisters in law LOVE the nose frida.

BTW, look at you blog! Jeez. I'm impressed. You do it all. Woo!