Thursday, November 13, 2014

Halloween 2014

I present Max and his wild thing from Where the Wild Things Are.
 As soon as Maxson began totally loving the book where the wild things are months ago, I thought it would be so fun to dress up as characters from it. Alas, I was induced 10 days before Halloween and hadn't worked a ton on our costumes. So the night before the induction, I stayed up late working on their costumes. Thank goodness my mother came in town and put all the finishing touches on them for me! They sent me tons of pictures from before and during the trunk or treat and I was smiling from ear to ear looking at these two. I love that Casey was just as excited to dress up.

 The Welch's as Mary Poppins and Bert
 Maxson's really cute tail.
The Blomstedts as Wizard of OZ characters
 My mom was so nice to FaceTime me during a bunch of the trunk or treat including the actual walking around part of candy gathering, my momma heart was so happy and grateful to be apart of that night. I loved watching my little Maxson (who really should have been a Wild Thing himself because he sure was WILD that night!)
 The twins and I got home Halloween morning. I made sure we ran to store that afternoon to pick up pumpkins to carve; tradition had to stay alive plus I wanted to see Maxson's reaction to touching the pumpkin seeds and slime inside, ha. 

 He wouldn't touch any of it. Ha, he completely refused, even when we told him it was like worms! I was really surprised.
 It was a great family activity
 A great family activity until Maxson was running away from us on the couch and fell onto a baby :(
 I cut out the top, Casey scraped the inside, and my mom cut the face out. It was definitely a team work pumpkin.

 Intermission for cute baby picture. I think Quinn...
 Out for a quick trick or treating! It was literally freezing that night, totally stunk. We went to just 2 of our neighbors houses for fun. Max had just as much fun running to answer the door for trick or treaters. He was also off the wall this night and trunk or treat night from so much candy! SO much as in two suckers… crazy boy.

 Family picture!

Costume Details:

Maxson: Max.
Crown from Burger King spray painted gold.
Fur from Joann's for tail and a piece around crown.
Sweat shirt from Amazon
Pants sewn by me from an old shirt of Casey's.
Claws from felt sewn on edges.
Buttons from old pins I painted and temporarily pinned to the sweatshirt.
Whiskers pipe cleaners hand stitched on

Casey: Wild Thing
Sweat shirt turned inside out.
Yarn for hair.
Felt for nose and eyes (eyes stuffed with old pin cushions)
Claws and teeth from felt sewn on edges
Huge random piece of cool fur stuff my mom ran across at Joanns

It was such a fun Halloween. Next year we'll have a full family of 5 to dress up with! Also I'm so done with having all this candy around, it's driving me nuts how much Maxson asks for it/how much I eat it! But dear old dad insists we keep it around, blah.

Happy Halloween!

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