Thursday, November 13, 2014

The end of an era aka the end of pregnancy with twins!

36 weeks 
The night before I was induced was a happy one, I knew I was so so close to being done with this pregnancy so I needed to enjoy it. We spent some of the night outside with friends watching them carve pumpkins, drinking spooky punch, discussing the impending change!

 Last family picture of 3!
 Violet, Kylie, Zach
 Jared, Julie, Grace, Katie
 Myself and Katie

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The Blackwelders said...

Hey Kimber. I'm glad everything is going well with you guys. I had a question though, you had said you would rather deal with them in the NICU than still be pregnant because it got so crazy at the end. After experiencing both, what do you think? I mean not like you had any choice but I was just curious.