Monday, November 10, 2014

How to survive the NICU

I think I had a pretty cushy NICU experience. I was allowed to hold my boys as much as I wanted. They always breasted. They weren't sick nor was there anything seriously wrong with them.

That being said here's my tips for staying in the NICU

1. Have your computer to watch some show on. I watched so much Friends while there. While I pumped, Friends was on, it made the time go by so much more quickly. My room didn't get internet so I couldn't do much online unless I used my phone. (I bet you anything I'm going to get arthritis in my fingers and thumb when I'm old…"

2. Have a long chord for your phone to charge it

the boys' side
 Turn around and there's my side. I had a little curtain I could pull back and forth for a little privacy
 3. Bring chocolates for the nurses and doctors. We went through two of these bags. We brought them out as soon as labor started and it was so nice to tell anyone who came into our room "Oh and take a chocolate as a thank you from us." They were always so surprised and it meant a lot to them it seemed

4. Wash and sanitize your hands endlessly. This was our sink area (they put their weights on the wall for us each night)
 5. Make friends with the nurses and doctors. Make an effort to get to know them and ask questions. It helps the time go by more quickly and then you form fun relationships with them. On the left was our main daytime nurse: Jeannie. She reminded me of Chummy from Call the Midwife, haha. On the right was the main neonatologist we worked with: Dr. Tan. She was great and knew the perfect things to say when I as a parent had hit my low.
6. Go to any meetings for your child as possible. At our hospital they had "rounds" every morning where they'd go through all the NICU babies individually with a bunch of the staff. All parents are welcome to come in for their baby. You are the best advocate for your child. Because I was there and explained situations they didn't know about (freezing cold rooms) Bryson came home 3 days earlier than he would have if I hadn't been there at the meeting. It's good for the doctors nd nurses to know how much you care and want to be involved and in the know.

7. Read your scriptures, the Ensign, and conference talks. Oh man, I teared up and cried almost every time I read anything. The words I read in those pages and talks lifted my soul each time and reminded me I am not alone through it all, that Christ was feeling my pain. I was reminded that everything is done in the Lord's timing and His will is more important than mine. I read talks on overcoming trials. I happened to read Ensign articles that spoke of other's experiences of their babies in NICU worse off than mine. I was always so inspired by everything I read, I knew it was the Lord's way of helping me through this time.


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Shane and Clara said...

I LOVE that 1st picture of you with your babies.....all red skin. I can take myself back to when my babies were each fresh from the womb. the softness, delicious smell and the way they mush right into your mommy body....its the most wonderful experience and feeling!
oh, and didn't Max look so BIG the first time you saw him after having your babies????
You are such an amazing momma, Kimber! :
Cuddle, snuggle and cuddle more.... I wish I had a little adorable one to do the same.
Take good care of yourself and your babies and ALL your boys! ;)

Melissa Lynn said...

OMG Call the Midwives was the best ever!