Saturday, November 15, 2014

Morning routine with newborn twins

Wake up. The boys aren't on a eat-at-this-time schedule, they just go more along the lines of it's-been-2-or-3-hours-feed-me schedule. So wake up time varies. No matter what their wake up time is though, I'm exhausted usually in the morning. At the maximum I've gotten to sleep in 2 hour increments. Breastfeeding these two is so worth the little sleep but oh man it is sure is hard. Glories be to my mom for being here. She completely takes care of Maxson and I'm so beyond thankful for her help. Whatever time Maxson wakes up at, she gets up with him and then I just keep sleeping until I need. Sometimes I've gotten up at 8 and other days I've gotten up at 10. I don't know what I'm going to do without her.

But whatever time we do start in the mornings I nurse both in bed. I still have to sit up propping them with my enormous set up of pillows. Usually they choke on milk this time of the day since your milk is fullest in the morning. I feel like they don't nurse for very long because they get so much so quickly that they quickly give up/get full too quick. Usually near the end of breastfeeding them or after I'm done Maxson will wiggle his way into our room. He comes boisterously bouncing onto our bed exclaiming "babies! babies!" As I continue to nurse, Maxson does things he shouldn't: find my makeup bag, drink out of my water bottle, climb on Casey's dresser drawers to reach hand sanitizer, etc. I usually yell to my mom or Casey to come intervene. We change diapers at this time (usually we do it before all feedings but this feeding I choose to do it afterwards for some reason…). Sometimes we have to change clothes in case they've peed through or sweated and made themselves damp. We transfer everything downstairs: nursing pillows, water bottles, babies, any dirty laundry, the infant attachment to the pack n play.

Once downstairs we get the babies all situated, usually they just keep sleeping (completely soundlessly during the day more so than the night, I swear). I refill water bottles, say hello to Maximus, chat with my mom for a second. I'll then grab some form of breakfast and take it upstairs with me; here is where I multi-task to the utter maximum. Using a hands free pumping bra (a NICU nurse told me to just take an old sports bra and cut holes in it, works like a charm and WAY less expensive!) I simultaneously pump, eat my breakfast, put on my makeup, and listen to a conference talk. I'd lie if I said I wasn't proud of myself during those 15 minutes.

After pumping, I bring all the stuff downstairs (hoping Maxson doesn't get to the milk before I do…not going to lie, it's happened a few times…). I put just a little of that expressed breatmilk into 2 bottles for them so I can mix it with their vitamin (so annoying that their vitamins have to be drunk with milk instead of just a straight form like the Vitamin D drops). I put 1 ml of this vitamin in with about 10 ml of milk and just let it sit on the counter until their next feeding.

Finally my morning routine is done. In just over and hour Quinn and Bryson will be hungry again and it's back to diaper changes and nursing.

Although it feels like I do that exact same stuff everyday (I do) sometimes I can throw in a few variables here in there. Yesterday I walked to the tractors with Max (Yes I walked and didn't have to drive us in the car! I felt so youthful and fit and full of energy now that I'm not pregnant!). We also took a quick trip to the library. One day a friend knocked on our door and said she was playing the backyard with her kids, she offered to have Max come out and she'd watch him too but I wanted to join and we got to talking and it was so great. I do try to sit a lot and blog and go through pictures. That's what are mornings consist of for the time being.

Man, these babies sleep so much! Aside from nursing because they practically sleep while they nurse or they may be awake too, they sleep what seems 22 hours of the day. Babies are so cuddly and cute and adorable. We are soaking up our time with these tiny babies. Without a doubt Maxson agrees. I am always so surprised at how sweetly he treats these babies!

 I hangout like this as much as I can. After nursing them I somehow juggle them up on my shoulder to burp that together. I never have enough hands to gather burp rags so my shirt always turns into their burp rag. Ahh, this too shall pass.



Jessie and Austin said...

That picture of Max on the couch grinning with the babes and Casey is too cute

Andy Ballstaedt said...

Love the details.