Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Becoming a mom round two

Man, becoming a mom the second time around is AWE to the SOME. Le'me essssplain.

Fact: babies cry

Fact: since first time moms really don't have anything else of dire need most of the time to attend to, when a baby makes the smallest cry they jump to the rescue (ok maybe not all first time moms but I sure did. My baby is not perfectly content? I shall rescue you my beloved first born child! Fear not!)

Fact: Second time around and baby(s) cry this is how it goes down:

(the following is less than 30 seconds)
baby: squeak
kimber: sit
baby: squeak cry grunt a little
kimber: glance at the baby but continue sitting (first time mom jumps to the rescue)
kimber: sit
kimber: sit
baby: silence

Babies just make sounds and cry a little when they sleep and, for me, that first time around being mom I would just swoop in and try to give him a binkie or pick him up or whatever. Not only do second time around moms get this but also literally cannot run to the rescue of the squeaking babies because they are in the middle of something else with their toddler, food making, or mess clean upping. Second time around is great.

I was very religious with keeping track of Maxson's schedule. Eating time/lengths, sleeping time/lengths, diaper changing etc. I was totally on top of it all. And that was ok! To be honest as a first time mom you're just coming from no where so writing it all down and keeping track if it is super helpful.

This time around it's easier for me to accept sleeping vs not sleeping times. Babies will sleep when they are tired. They will let you know if they're still hungry and the list goes on. I feed the boys and pretty much let them be awake or asleep whenever they want, it's grand and way less stressful.
 Bryson in stripes, Q  in elephants.
(humility comes natural my friends)
 Bryson, love this sweet little face so much

 Max after the children's museum. We love putting mustaches on him.
Q, B

There's a lot of other awesome things about being a second time mom. But I want to get this post done and go binge read on a new favorite blog I found: camppatton. Go take a looky and if you never come back to look at my blog I will understand.



Suzanne and Nate said...

You are rockin the posts girl! Love those adorable dudes and love the pictures you catch of them. And I love that blog you recommended, thanks!

Andy Ballstaedt said...

that picture is amazing.