Friday, November 21, 2014

5 years

A very joyous and happy FIVE YEAR anniversary to us!

Holy heck, I really am baffled that it's been 5 years.

I think what I'm most surprised is where we are now 5 years later.

You know how you always fill out those goal lists of "where will you be in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years etc?" If someone had told me I'd have 3 kids I'd give them a deer in the headlights stare and shake my head NO WAY! But here we are; 3 kids in 5 years! Along with that is 2 bachelors degrees, 7 moves, 2 cars, 3/5 of dental doctorate, and so much more but those are the big things that come to mind (mostly that 3 kids thing is the HUGE surprise)

Casey took his test this morning (he didn't fail, wahoo!) he came home and we popped in the that dusty wedding video of ours. Let me say it was the best. Gooey cheese all around and we were swimming in it. While we watched our skinny, young selves smooching it up the TV, Casey rocked/bounced Bryson and got him to sleep, I kept putting the binkie back in Quinn's mouth, Maxson was cuddled at my side entranced by this "movie." It was as ideal as I could ever picture spending our 5th anniversary. 2/3 of the way through Maxson got bored and began begging/whining for a "baaahh?!!! baaaaahh?????!!!!" (translated bath). We told him when the movie is over. He then began whining/crying "awwwww dun! awwwwww dun! awwwwwwwwwwwww dun!" (all done). Quinn woke up crying and I tried cuddling him close to me and after awhile gave him to Casey to rock and try to get to sleep while I kept pulling Maxson away from the eject button on the XBOX that was playing the movie. Nearly as soon as the movie was done both babies began squeaking and squawking in hopes to eat.

Like I said, it was the best 25 minutes of our morning watching our wedding video while living our crazy lives.

I love you babe, XOXO
engaged 2009


Cody and Camille said...

Awww happy 5 years!!! That seems like a lot. How did that go so fast?! I remember your wedding day well, and it's so fun to see these pics again:) Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple! LOVE YOU!

Suzanne and Nate said...

Happy anniversary! Love your wedding pics! So beautiful!