Thursday, November 20, 2014

The official lowering of the standards day

The grandmothers are all gone.

Culture shock.

Baptism by Fire.

A buckets of cold ice.

Those phrases just briefly  describe what my day was like.

Casey got back from the airport with Maxson at 1 pm. Maxson decided to take his wonderful 2 hour nap during the whole car ride so he could be wide awake all day long to play with me aka make mischief and kiss babies.

This is all that went down during that first hour of home alone with 3 kids under 2.

-Changed Maxson's diaper 3 times, 2 being the not so easy ones.
-Changed 3 poopy diapers on the babies
-Max has a mini throw up
-Both babies screaming while I got set up to nurse them

-WHile sitting and nursing I can only barely see Max in the kitchen on a step stool very interested in something on the counter. His little finger begins rubbing something on his face. It's shiny. Finger disappears with more substance on finger and finger goes in mouth. I ask him to show me what he has, he shows me his finger and there is some gooey substance dripping off. Although I want to jump up and stop the madness I have 2 babies sucking away on my chest. He continues I continue. I chose to laugh instead of scream. I coax him to come over to me telling him "you can watch a movie on the iPad!" He eagerly comes to me and I slowly smell intoxicating yumminess from him. Bath and Body Works shower gel was the weapon. It could have been worse. Fr the next 15 minutes until the babies become drunk in milk Max watches Frozen and I hope that the shower gel bottle is not tipped over and still standing up right. *Update* It was upright hallelujah ;)
Max: 1
Kimber: 0

Funny moments during the rest of the evening.

-I thought sharing a bowl of pasta with Max would be easy (1 dish to clean instead of 2, not forcing him into his highchair etc). WRONG. It went well good awhile until I had to keep getting  up to coax babies to keep sleeping. Whilst I was up, Max decides to pour my (large) cup of milk into the bowl of pasta and all over the table.
I'm smiling like an idiot because I don't realize what the rest of the day bring. Said pasta below

Max: 2
Kimber: 0
-During a feeding session Max gets ahold of my hospital water cup (the HUGE kind with the straw) and dumps it all over the floor. Think flood during Noah's time in the kitchen. He begins to roll around in said water like a pig in a pile of mud laughing. He is in heaven. While I try to clean up the mess he runs away and runs back into said water pile gracefully falling like a penguin on ice (on his stomach) and sliding in said water. He is even happier than before. I may or may not have peed my pants from laughing so hard.
Max: 3
Kimber: 0
-Change AT LEAST 8 more poopy baby diapers
- Change twins outfits twice due to spit up
- Because the twins slept terribly the night before, I had a horrible night's rest therefore today's milk supply is low. Therefore after nearly every feeding they demand more meaning I either have to go unfreeze milk (which takes FOREVER while babies are crying) or grab some formula. We do both. Babies keep begging for more than they would normally eat I swear. It's exhausting.
- Babies cried a lot more than usual today since they didn't get their ideal "hold me" time :( Poor babies
- While changing baby diapers on the couch Max keeps bringing over baby bottles of soapy water in hopes to feed them said bottles. Water is nearly dumped on babies 3 times

Max: 4
Kimber: 0
- During bottle feeding, diaper changing and baby soothing, Maxson continually brings a stool into kitchen to get into a certain cupboard he never has before. In said cupboard he finds food coloring drops, sprinkles, Casey's deodorant, a bag of Halloween candy, containers of salt. Let your imagination run wild, dear readers
Max: 5
Kimber: 0

Tears shed by babies: A billion (babies this young don't actually shed tears yet but if they did…you get the point)

Tantrums thrown down by Maxson: probably 5

Prayers said by Kimber: 2 (there should have been more, only while writing this do I realize that)
Picture below is a calm between the storms

We made it. Only 2 1/2 weeks until my mom comes back (cue ugly cry face)

BTW- Casey was around to help out during some of this. He has a big fat ugly test tomorrow that he might fail because I needed him to help us 4 helpless/mischievous/begging/needy should out this evening. The tear count would have been upped via Kimber if he had not been around.

Here's to hoping the babies sleep better tonight.


PS- Andy, tonight I scheduled my massage after reflecting on how much fun I had today. I love you.


Andy Ballstaedt said...

Kimber! what a day. You kept it together so well. I would have cried and cried. It'll get better. I am so impressed you chose to laugh at times I would have gotten angry. You're awesome! I'm so glad you scheduled your appointment! your body and you need it!

Shane and Clara said...

Kimber! This post is so funny. I love how you manage to describe everything so well that it seems like I could have actually seen it all happening.
Oh the JOY! Your Max knows when you are helpless....I mean busy and cant interfere with his plans. You are good to try and laugh through it. Tears are normal too.
GOOD LUCK! I hope better days, I mean moments are in store for you.

Jared + Carly Reid said...

you go, kimber! haha you are amazing! love reading all the details, you are so good at documenting them.