Friday, November 14, 2014

Time out for us

When it was just Casey and I before kids, neither of us felt a very strong pull to go on "dates." In reality everything was a "date." We did everything as just him and I. We had 3 years of constant solo dates.

Then came Maxson. We were infatuated with Maxson. First and only baby, of course take that baby with us to wherever we went! Dinner? Ya! A movie? Ya! Maxson just made everything more fun and we always wanted him to be apart of our time together. So dates were pretty much always all 3 of us, but we liked it that way.

Now comes the twins. After a rough pregnancy, an 11 day NICU/hospital stay, newborn twins at home with Max, school and tests, I felt like I hadn't spent time with just my husband in AGES! After putting Maxson down of the evening, the twins were content downstairs in their pack n play, Casey and I finally just laid on the bed next to each other and took and breather- a moment to connect and just be US! I can't begin to express how nice it was to just laugh and talk and discuss the past few days and weeks with each other with no interruptions. Oh man we were sure needing that break.

I can now foresee lots more babysitters in our future so we have more one on one time with each other. Spending quality alone time with each other is definitely going to be a vital point in keeping each other and our marriage strong and happy. But even when a babysitter isn't available, we'll take 10 minutes just lying on the bed too. 

Love you, sweetie.

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Andy Ballstaedt said...

Going down as one of my all-time favorite posts. So precious.