Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A snippet of today.

Ahh there's so much I want to write about! All day long I keep thinking "Oh I want to write that down! I want to blog about that," and the list just keeps piling! But when it comes down to it and I actually could have the time to blog I don't. I sit and cuddle babies. I help with Maxson. I take a nap. I pump. I take a shower. I fold a quick load of laundry. I'm being pulled in so many directions! But I want oh so bad to remember these first few days/weeks with these babies. I love that I was able to blog so much with newborn Maxson, those are some of my favorite posts to look back at!

I'll just start with a couple memories I don't want to forget today.

-As soon as Max wakes up he asks for "babies? babies?" He's been oh so good with them! When it comes to him paying attention to them he's so soft and gentle and sweet and is doing super great with them. He loves to hold them. As soon as we give him one he points to the other so he can hold both at the same time. He gets giddy when the baby is about to be placed on him. When it comes to Max just being around the babies, sometimes he can be a little reckless and just not realize that his actions could hurt the babies i.e. he was running away from us on the couch and when he fell he nudged one a little too hard. They weren't seriously hurt but the baby was not happy and then Max also started crying huge tears because he got in trouble and because he I think he knew he was the one who made the baby cry like that and it mdd him sad/scared. We're all learning. But overall, he's doing awesome

-I thought Max might not like me cuddling with the babies so much and he doesn't care a bit. He comes over all the time to me while I'm holding them to give them kisses on their heads and get up close their head face and while giving them a gentle hug saying "HI! HI!"

-We had a weight check for them on Monday. Bryson is past his birth weight now weighing 5#14oz and Quinn is just an ounce below his at 6#1oz. They both gained the exact same amount of weight and everything looks great on them. I love my doctor so much. She's just the absolute best. She's a nurse practitioner and a lactations consultant; having that dual capability at doctor's appointments is the absolute best thing. We talk a long time about the boys and their health and growth and then we talk an even longer time about breastfeeding and making it work the best and then we talk about Max and my personally stuff and then her experiences in the past and her family and it just keeps going and I love it all so much. She's the best. (Jamie Draper and Complete Children's Health my friends!)

-Everyday I have a new friend come visit us and the babies and it's the most wonderful thing ever. I went to church Sunday and slightly dreaded it because I knew everyone would come up to say hi and talk and ask about the babies and I just didn't feel like being social. But when I have friends come over one at a time I love it. So thank you friends!

-Maxson has gotten funnier since I had these boys. Funnier and naughtier. I kind of had my mind set on life being chaotic once the boys got here. So when Max is doing naughty things I just look at him and can't help but laugh now. When he's gotten a stool to stand on the counter to open the cupboard and stick his tiny little hands in the candy bowl to get a sucker. When he slowly walks up to me eyeing me and going for my phone at the same time as he says "no no?" When he throws the biggest fit on the ground for various reasons. And the list goes on. I'm just able to laugh at him more now and I love it.

-I've missed having a baby around. Two babies for me! Seriously though, those baby cuddles are the best thing ever. I just love everything about them. They're so tiny and just cuddle and are sweet and don't throw tantrums and you don't have to talk them into doing stuff and they fall asleep on you while nursing and they're just all yours and I want to eat them I love them so darn much!

-For the most part I nurse both at the same time. It just goes so much faster that way. Even with nursing them simultaneously it's nearly 45 minutes from start to finish at times because they nurse for so long and they fall asleep a little and then eat again and then I burp them and then I just HAVE to cuddle them for at least 20 minutes until I'm burning up. The key to tandem nursing is PILLOWS. Pillows galore. More on that another day ha.

-There's a magical fairy that lives at my house right now that picks up my whole house while I sit and nurse and cuddle babies. The magical fairy does my dishes while I sleep and takes my toddler grocery shopping with her. The fairy prepares me food before I realize I'm hungry. The magical fairy bathes my messy toddler and deals with his tantrums and naughty behavior. The fairy's name is my mother and SO BEYOND GRATEFUL FOR HER. I keep telling friends that thus far the transition from 1 to 3 has been pretty easy but I know that's ONLY because she's here. She's made it SO easy on me and I will forever be indebted to her (plus she's my angle mother and I'm already incredibly indebted to her)

-I gave the boys their first baths at home tonight. After watching the NICU nurses do it 3 times I followed their ways and my boys didn't have to scream the whole time! It was great. Bryson cried a little bit at the end because my method got a little messed up, I don't blame him. But yay for not crying babies!

-The boys eat every 2-3 hours. They often wake up at the same time to eat. Also it's hilarious that these boys sleep through so much noise. Not only noise from the adults but Max's yelling, each other's cries and then on top of that I've seen them knocking the other sleeping brothers head as they shake their head rooting around for something. Continue onward deep sleep!

Here's a couple pictures from today:
(Q- red B- white)

 Maxson has not been into reading books with me lately which makes me sad. So when he asked me to read this book I was ecstatic. Soon after we started Bryson needed some TLC (as seen from the picture below) so as I swooped him up, bounced and binkied him and we pushed on through our book. It was a sweet moment and reminded me I can do hard things.
 This is what the boys look like a lot of the day. They sleep in a pack n play downstairs all day by us. We always put Quinn on the left and Bryson on the right because that's how they were in the NICU and it just makes sense that way and then at night we can know who's who in the dark. These babies are so darn cute. Aren't their hats the cutest? And we also got a second wubanub, these boys definitely like pacifiers which is fine by me.


Jessie and Austin said...

You are awesome, I love you guys

Brooke said...

I still can't believe you have THREE little boys!! It's so amazing! Cutest family :) And I love hearing how much Max loves them.

Andy Ballstaedt said...

Oh this is what I've been waiting for! I know you're super busy (obviously) but I sure do love reading about it all! So glad your mom is there to help!