Tuesday, July 1, 2014

relative finder

A friend in my ward posted this little blurb on Facebook and we found out we 6th cousins once removed! I thought that was so totally cool. So I wanted to share it with you so we can find out how we are related!

This is a fun online relative search created by BYU that is powered from your own tree from familysearch.org. You can create a group and share to see how you are related to someone or run the report against the default groups already created. It is fun to look up prophets, current apostles, and american history people . A group I created for my own tree is "kimber cutler", password "kimbercutler", if you add that group it will display how we are related. Here is the site: http://roots-fb.cs.byu.edu/

Here's a little screen shot of the a few of the US presidents I'm related to:
 photo ScreenShot2014-06-29at60228PM_zps3a7c50fd.png

If you do join, you can then make your own group and share it with friends, don't forget to share it with me so I too can see how we're related!

Sometimes family history stuff really is cool!

ps- casey's info is group "casey cutler" password "caseycutler"
pps- casey and i are 10th cousins once removed, ha ewwwwww ;) he and i had the same grandfather back in the 1600's

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Cherri said...

uh yeah that's crazy! and ewwww but aren't we all related..?