Thursday, July 17, 2014

gardens and bubbles

this was our sunday evening.
blowing bubbles and admiring our growing garden.
it was a good evening.
 photo IMG_3680_zps2b687f56.jpg
 photo IMG_3671_zps35b2e178.jpg
 photo IMG_3667copy_zpsda92365c.jpg
 photo IMG_3668_zpsb02c948e.jpg
 photo IMG_3660_zpsb9992f23.jpg
 photo IMG_3664_zps8e9a14d2.jpg
 photo IMG_3659_zpsd7e1ce9d.jpg
 photo IMG_3656_zpsfd74f1b3.jpg
 photo IMG_3655_zps2f065d9d.jpg
 photo IMG_3658copy_zpsdb8bb329.jpg
 photo IMG_3654_zps208c97d8.jpg


Cherri said...

I am impressed with the garden.

Blair said...

That garden is totally awesome! Good for you! Also, these bubble pictures are really fun and neat too. I love the vibrant colors in these.