Tuesday, July 22, 2014

picturas de iFono de casey

finally got casey's phone on the computer and pictures downloaded, here ye be.

a. teeth brushing
b. post bath
c. basketball time
d. balloon sword
 photo Jul32014_zps83c071ef.jpg
a. back in utah months ago, lounging in the blow up tent
b. bike ride
c. lotion fun
d. casey's workout
 photo Jul320142_zpse9bc6c81.jpg
a. emergency weekend doctor's appt for ear infection
b. puddle playing
c./d. pretend picture taking, didn't let him touch that for long ha
 photo Jul320143_zpsa6cda8cf.jpg
a. golfing in wyoming
b. messes
c. messes
d. finding happiness in the back seat
 photo Jul320141_zpsc00acd86.jpg
this next segment are pictures from casey's trip to wyoming for the wyoming dental conference (a glorified boy weekend if you ask me). he texted me a bunch of these pictures during the trip which was great for me.
a. taking a tiny plane to jackson, wy
 photo Jul320145_zps1736848f.jpg
a. dinner with josh and (graduated) adam
 photo Jul320146_zpsfdf096d4.jpg
a. lon and casey tried running up this ginormous mountain in 20 min for $50. they didn't quite make it in 50 min but it was a great workout!
b. dirty fett from such an acitivy
c. the "mountain" they climbed 
 photo Jul320147_zpsc83893d3.jpg
a.-d. making the toddler bed with josh.
we still haven't stained/painted it but i'm excited to have it in our house!
 photo Jul320144_zpsfd30d7cd.jpg
a. churching it
b. sand box playing
c. churching it
d. church twins
 photo Jul320148_zps37de59a9.jpg

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