Tuesday, July 8, 2014

video: this is what we do all day

here's a little video i put together of a normal day at home with maxson. a little bit of our routine and just everyday activities. it's kinda long but casey and i just loved watching it, because of course, to us, maxson is the cutest and funniest child in the whole wide world (ha, i hope every parents feels like this with their little ones). i'm glad i put the effort into this video (this one took more effort than they usually do because there were SO many clips and i had to go through and only pick out little bits and pieces) but i know casey and i will love looking back at it.

so here is maxson, 19 months old on july 3.
i've watched this video so many times for editing reasons and pure enjoyment reasons and i still laugh at the same parts that you can hear me laughing at during the video. i wanted to edit my background voice out of these but chose not to because that's apart of life, my commentary to maxson's life and actions, even if i do sound so totally silly. 

bonus: at the end when casey puts max in his crib to go to sleep you can faintly hear maxson saying "uh oooh, uh oooh" his version of "love you" and my heart just melts at those 2 sounds.

see video here if you can't see it on the blog

My Darling by Ryan Tanner
Animal Inside you by Frances England
Hourglass by Mindy Gledhill

(if you know of any cute music for my videos please share, picking out songs is the HARDEST part for me because i'm not that into music and artists but know i want certain vibes and feels. i'm looking for some artists/songs that's just cute ukulele/xylophone/whistling/guitar songs with minimal words or cute words or no words all together. if you know any will you pass them my way?)

and a happy 24th birthday to me!
never in a thousand years would i have thought i'd have 3 kids by the age of 24, ooy, ha.


AN Petersen said...

I loved that video. My favorite part was Maxson eating out of his bib, SO funny. And I'm glad to know that Im not the only one who usually doesnt get dressed until nap time and that my kids spend alot of time playing in their diapers. haha. I loved watching you.

Melissa Phillips said...

So cute. Eating the cereal was by far the best. I never even thought to give Ellie cereal with milk. But she's an egg girl through and through. Such a great idea. I would be kidding myself to try and be that creative. But maybe I'll find motivation. Good work! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Cherri said...

oohh so cute... lucky you and Happy Birthday my sweet girl.

Andy Ballstaedt said...

Wow. What a cool thing. I loved it. I loved seeing what your day is like. These are the kinds of things I like to see in preparing for potential future parenting. How did you do it? Did you film the whole day? and what program do you use to make these videos? and what storage software do you use? And what camera do you use to film? Ok those are all my questions.

Andy Ballstaedt said...

I told Levi I wanted to show him something cute and only meant to watch the cereal part but he wanted to finish it because this is so great!

Suzanne and Nate said...

That was so precious!!! Wish I would have done that when my lincoln was little and ford! You have totally inspired me! What a gem this is though, LOVE it! And I love the music, I have always loved that Mindy Gledhill song too, oh and you should check out the animation short called duet, love it.

Jacie Saltzman said...

ok i know i'm forever late in seeing this. but oh. my. goodness. i love this so so so so so much. so many sos i love it. what an amazing talent you have! you have captured it all so beautifully.