Friday, July 25, 2014

picturas de iFono

a. collecting sticks at the park
b. otter pops post park
c. 4th of july parade
d. buying 4th of july fireworks (casey's fave)
 photo Jul2120141_zps6b7f390d.jpg
a. haircut time
b. astronaut maxson
c. camille stopped through lincoln with the kids on their drive out to arizona and we just LOVED seeing them for that brief hour
d. jade gave maxson a yoohoo and maxson devoured it
 photo Jul212014_zpsb1b6e45a.jpg
a.-d. splash pad time. definitely more fun when dad is around
 photo Jul2120142_zpsf2a8ed66.jpg
a. eager for the park and ready with his buckets and shovels
b. for some reason we had a billion computers out at one time
c. found ourselves one of those free tiny library's on a street where you just take a book and put it back when you're done
d. not every moment is happy
 photo Jul2120143_zps75fdaf74.jpg
a. artichoke for dinner, one of my favorites. casey's is starting to warm up to it after 5 years of experiencing it (and when i say warming up i just mean not complaining anymore)
b. begging to go into the neighbors house but they're not home
c. the tractor museum
d. one day lincoln and mesa weren't far off from each other!
 photo Jul2120145_zpsb9ff1380.jpg
my birthday day!
a. library time with a million kids
b.-c. dinner at sebastian's table
d. this boy knows how to get his target shopping done
 photo Jul2120144_zpscbcc6e66.jpg
a. peach cobbler in my spiffy new pie pan
b. back to the library
c. nebraska scenery
d. owies :(
 photo Jul2120147_zps00cba8b6.jpg
a. sleepy car rides with monkey
b. hopefully this picture was him trying to clean up a mess he made
c. can't fit enough cars in his hands
d. putting all his ducks in a row
 photo Jun262014_zpsed6a1d52.jpga. 
a. first tomato of the season!
b. maxson wouldn't end up eating it although he was the one who wanted to pick it
c. contemplating important life decisions over breadsticks and endless salad at olive garden
d, gave maxson a keebler cookie in the car and he made a MESS
 photo Jul21201412_zpsc8c69ace.jpg
a. getting energy out on our car trip by throwing rocks on a highway off ramp
b. family history work
c. tomato watering with grammy in wyoming (and joyous tramp jumping)
d. poor casey. this pregnant wife takes up way more than half the room on the bed. this bed seemed bigger than our queen at home but more often than not, i'll wake up in the middle of the night and find that there's about 1 foot of space between the edge of the bed and my body pillow for casey's legs to rest. that man never complains, he's a saint.
 photo Jul21201413_zps0f38880a.jpg

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